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Ram Chandra Chatrapati. Twitter
  • The journalist who exposed the Gurmeet Ram Rahim rape case was shot dead
  • A murder case is being heard by the same CBI court which pronounced verdict in the rape case
  • Ram Chandra Chatrapati was murdered after publishing the anonymous letter

Chandigarh, Aug 25, 2017: The CBI court which pronounced verdict in a rape case against Gurmeet Singh Ram Rahim later today, also heard 15 years old murder case of a journalist who exposed Dera chief’s sexual exploitation on two women followers.

While the son of the journalist, Anshul is battling to solicit justice for his father all alone, the death of Ram Chandra Chatrapati, then 53-year-old on October 24, 2002, went largely unnoticed.

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Ram was an editor of a local daily Poora Sach (Complete truth). He published the anonymous letter three-page letter written by a sexually harassed woman follower, who explained the wrong deeds of Ram Rahim in the name of God. This infuriated the followers of Sacha Sauda. On the night of the murder, two men riding a bicycle professing to be followers of Sacha Sauda had shot at him four times from point-blank range.

The well-known journalist, Shekhar Gupta recalled the death of Ram Chandra in his tweet:

Dr Munish Raizada, a notable activist, also highlighted the plight of the family of the deceased journalist:

The quantum of punishment of the Ram Rahim rape case will be pronounced on Aug 28.

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