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Ram Chandra Chatrapati: The Braveheart Journalist who was Shot Dead for Exposing Sacha Sauda Dera Chief Ram Rahim

Ram Chandra Chatrapati
Ram Chandra Chatrapati. Twitter
  • The journalist who exposed the Gurmeet Ram Rahim rape case was shot dead
  • A murder case is being heard by the same CBI court which pronounced verdict in the rape case
  • Ram Chandra Chatrapati was murdered after publishing the anonymous letter 

Chandigarh, Aug 25, 2017: The CBI court which pronounced verdict in a rape case against Gurmeet Singh Ram Rahim later today, also heard 15 years old murder case of a journalist who exposed Dera chief’s sexual exploitation on two women followers.

While the son of the journalist, Anshul is battling to solicit justice for his father all alone, the death of Ram Chandra Chatrapati, then 53-year-old on October 24, 2002, went largely unnoticed.

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Ram was an editor of a local daily Poora Sach (Complete truth). He published the anonymous letter three-page letter written by a sexually harassed woman follower, who explained the wrong deeds of Ram Rahim in the name of God. This infuriated the followers of Sacha Sauda. On the night of the murder, two men riding a bicycle professing to be followers of Sacha Sauda had shot at him four times from point-blank range.

The well-known journalist, Shekhar Gupta recalled the death of Ram Chandra in his tweet:

Dr Munish Raizada, a notable activist, also highlighted the plight of the family of the deceased journalist:

The quantum of punishment of the Ram Rahim rape case will be pronounced on Aug 28.

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5 Found Dead Inside a House in Mansarovar Park Delhi

Delhi police
Police team conducts the investigation soon after the incident was reported. ians

New Delhi, October 7: Police found five people stabbed to death Inside a House in Mansarovar Park Delhi. The dead bodies of a an 82-year-old woman, her three daughters and a male guard were found lying inside a house here on Saturday.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Nupur Prasad told IANS that the four women belonging to the Jindal family were found dead at their house in Shahdara’s Mansarovar Park area.

The deceased have been identified as Urmila Jindal, and her daughters Sangeeta, 56, Nupur, 48, and Anjali, 38. The guard has been identified as Rakesh, 42.

The police control room received a call about the incident around 7 a.m.

A preliminary investigation showed there was “no forced entry” into the house and no valuables were stolen, a police officer said. (IANS)

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‘Ab Hoga Insaaf’ The Upcoming Biopic On Gurmeet Ram Rahim

Ab Hoga Insaaf’ (It is time for Justice) the film is based self-indulgent lifestyle of the charlatan Ram Rahim

ram rahim biopic
Bollywood actor Raza Murad and Rakhi Sawant Source:

New Delhi, September 22, 2017: A few weeks after the sentence of self-styled Gurmeet Ram Rahim, the Godman and a spiritual leader is ready to become a media sensation again through his upcoming biopic.

Titled, ‘Ab Hoga Insaaf’ (It is time for Justice) the film is based on the self-indulgent lifestyle of the charlatan. The film will reflect the real-life relationship of Rahim and his adopted daughter Honeypreet Insaan, who has worked in all the films under the franchise of Ram Rahim.

Bollywood actor Raza Murad will enact the role of Godman, whereas item girl Rakhi Sawant will play the role of Honeypreet. Ajaz Khan will be an investigation officer in the film. Sawant and her brother Rakesh Sawant are directing the film.

The release of the film is yet to be announced.

On 28th August, Indian court sentenced Singh with 20 years of imprisonment in a rape case that dates back to 2002. The women, who were also the follower of Singh, accused him of raping them in the headquarter of his organization ‘Dera Sacha Sauda’ in Sirsa.

Singh’s verdict followed lockdown in various parts of Haryana and Punjab, killing around two dozens of people and injuring more than 200.

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The situation was so intense that police issued orders to shoot the violent protesters at sight.

Singh in 2015 started his franchise that portrayed him as “Messenger of God.” The Godman through his singing and dancing preached thousands of people and his sensation continuous with the upcoming release.

– Prepared by Abhishek Biswas of NewsGram Twitter: @Writing_Desire

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Gurmeet Ram Rahim to grow vegetables in jail, will be paid Rs 20 daily for pruning trees

"He is living in jail like any other ordinary inmate and he is living like a disciplined inmate"

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh
Indian spiritual leader turned actor Gurmeet Ram Rahim, gestures during the premiere of movie ‘Jattu Engineer’ in New Delhi, India, Wednesday, May 17, 2017. A ‘Cow Milk Party’ to appeal against cow slaughter was organized during the premiere. (AP Photo/Tsering Topgyal). VOA
  • Gurmeet Ram Rahim will be growing vegetables in jail from next week
  • He will be paid Rs 20 for pruning trees eight hours a day
  • Ram Rahim has been preparing the plot, to start sowing the vegetables next week

Chandigarh, September 19, 2017: The self-proclaimed godman and the chief of Dera Sacha Sauda sect who built an empire worth crores, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh will now be growing vegetables in jail. He will be paid Rs 20 for pruning trees eight hours a day.

There lies a small plot of vacant land, outside his Barrack, that measures about 900 sq yards. “He has been tasked to grow vegetables in this land,” said KP Singh, director general of Haryana prisons department, mentions the IANS report.

The convicts are assigned some or the other work depending on their skills, the officials mentioned.

Mr Singh also stated, that Ram Rahim for now has been preparing the plot in order to start sowing the vegetables next week.

“He has already taken up his work,” he added.

None of the skills that he used to build a whooping 800-acre campus were of any use to the jail. Whatever he produces now, however, will be used in the jail mess.

Dismissing all the reports mentioning Ram Rahim receives any special treatment, “It is (a) baseless and imaginary (report). No prisoner in jail is given any special treatment and that includes Ram Rahim,” Mr. Singh said,

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“He is living in jail like any other ordinary inmate and he is living like a disciplined inmate. He is being provided the same food given to other prisoners.”

He even called the media reports about the 50 year old’s health baseless, “They just conducted a mock drill, but a section of media associated that to his health. He (Gurmeet) is healthy and doing fine,” he said.

The state’s top jail official denied the reports stating that Ram Rahim had asked to speak to Honeypreet Insaan, his adopted daughter.

Inmates are supposed to give a maximum of two phone numbers they can call. These phone numbers are first verified by the police and calls can be made only after the completion of the process.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim was sentenced to 20 years in jail on August 28, for raping his two disciples. The 50 year old is lodged in Rohtak’s Sunaria jail and is now known as prisoner number 1997.

-prepared by Samiksha Goel of NewsGram. Twitter @goel_samiksha