King Ravana Did Not Die Because of Sita, 4 Women Cursed Him Before the Final Catastrophe

Here are four instances when Ravana was cursed before the ultimate catastrophe

King Ravana
Ravana fails to string the bow, in preparation for the archery contest among the suitors for Sita's hand. Wikimedia

June 06, 2017: We all remember celebrating “Dussehra”, the religious ceremony of killing statue of Ravana which epitomizes the triumph of good over evil. It is known that King Ravana was killed by Lord Rama for his sinful act of kidnapping Rama’s wife Sita. As a matter of fact, there is more to the folklore that we all have heard.

Here are four instances when Ravana was cursed before the ultimate catastrophe:

Eyeing on elder brother’s son Nalkuber’s Wife

Being smitten with an angel looking Rambam’s (Nalkuber’s wife) flawless beauty, Ravana tried to violate her modesty. He wanted to take her to his kingdom. The shameless act fuelled Nalkuber and he cursed Ravana that his head will split into 100 pieces if will try to do the same with any other woman. The curse saved mother Sita from further malice.

Trapping sister-in-law in lust 

Ravana once laid lustful eyes on Maya, his sister-in-law. He tried to trap Maya in lust on seeing her alone without her husband Shambhar. Upon becoming conscious of the foul act committed by Ravana, her husband imprisoned him. At that time, King Dashratha attacked King Ravana and Shambhar died in a battle. Ravana insisted Maya to come with him when she attempted suicide. She then cursed him that he will be killed for the same reason.

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Teased a Devotee of Lord Vishnu

Ravana was flying on his ‘Pushpak Viman’ when he saw a beautiful woman worshipping Lord Vishnu. When Ravana forced her to come with him, the woman immolated her body in the fire. Ravan was cursed that he will be killed because of a woman only.

Killing sister’s husband

King Ravana killed sister’s Surpanakha’s husband in a battle while he was on a conquest of the world. Angry Supranakha cursed Ravana that she will herself become the reason for his death.

Ravana kidnapped mother Sita by trick and ultimately met his long-awaited fate – death.

– by Naina Mishra of Newsgram. Twitter: @Nainamishr94


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