Indo-Pak relations: Real journalism or propaganda of blame game ?

By Surbhi Moudgil

A montage of the India-Pakistan international relations can be sketched upon the blame game trepidations of either sides. This never ending disquieting argument of finding each other at fault is a trait which is logical at time and at times completely absurd.

With no tangible international organisation in existence to have a superior authority over the two countries to execute a line-up, the gruesome animosity is merely going to distress the people, and not the politicians.

With all said and done by the respective governments, it’s the media which feeds itself out of this interphase between the silence of proposition. Recently, an editorial called “Security State” in a leading English daily of Pakistan, mentioned India as their foremost nemesis. This proposition was put forth on the basis of apparent, ulterior motives of India to hamper the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project, highlighted by the Frontier Works Organisation (FWO).

The tapping of media in the political interphase, between the two nations on unproven allegations simply crushes the neutrality of media. To allege a country as nemesis just on the basis of speculation and truling to force an argument on the state of conflict amongst them only represents failure of media ethics.

For how long can the organized outrage of media be justified as real journalism?

Fuelling the hatred towards India is turning into the crust of Pakistan’s domestic as well as foreign policy. By the tossing of blame on to the other side of LOC, Pakistan keeps itself in peace.

This unparalleled strategy of Pakistan military to attack the integrity of India is a primordial strategy of Pakistan and fuelling of such statements by the media, validates it. The editorial also glorified the Pakistan Army over their elected members of parliament, stating “When the divide between the civilian leadership and the army is discussed, it is clear that the army functions effectively and fills the gaps in all arenas where the civilian leadership fails time and time again.”

The media needs to take a high road of unprejudiced journalism, focusing only on evidence and not fall prey to political motives of a state, be it on this side or that side of the border.



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