Reasons To Buy Texas Flag

Texas flag was most probably designed by Peter Krag, an Austin based artist, for $200

Most Texans tend to get nostalgic and emotional when they plan to buy Texas flag because of the sense of patriotism it creates in them. Pinterest

By Cathy Carter

Most Texans tend to get nostalgic and emotional when they plan to Buy Texas Flag because of the sense of patriotism it creates in them. The joy of hoisting the esteemed flag in their premises imbibes an inexplicable feeling.

Brief History of Texas Flag

Delving into a bit of Texas’s history will tell you that Texas has had no less than six flags flying over its territory. The most popular and recognized one is the Lone Star Flag, which is the state’s current flag that flies proudly today.

Although it is believed that Senator William H. Wharton designed the Texas flag, there seems to be some confusion. According to Charles Spain, an attorney based in Houston, a vexillologist (an expert in flags), no one knows who designed the iconic Texas flag. What is established is that the flag came into existence after the Texas Revolution, as Texas needed a ‘national standard’ as it was still a fledgling nation.

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The Revolution and its Effects

The revolution leaders congregated and designed an official flag for Texas while drafting the constitution and declaration of Independence in Washington. Simultaneously, there were many designs put forward, including one that sported a lengthy quote of George Washington and yet another that reminded folks of Mexico the red, white, and green colors in it. Not many people were happy with these designs until someone else came up with the ‘lone star’ design that unanimously won everybody’s likes.

The Original Designer of Texas Flag

Another strong theory is that a lawmaker Charles B. Stewart, who was a signatory to the Texas Declaration of Independence, and a founding father of the state, designed the flag. This reason alone is probably enough for the locals to be proud of this version of the flag, to which they have an emotional connection. That’s perhaps the main reason why people want to buy a Texas flag even today.

The Texas flag is similar to the American flag. Pinterest

The Varied Claims Behind the Design of the Texas Flag

Let’s explore some more about the history of the Texas flag. Pat Spackey, an important citizen of the City of Conroe in Montgomery County, is a direct descendent of Charles B. Stewart. Spackey claims that a committee was not responsible for handling the Texas flag project and her ancestor designed the Lone Star flag. Hence, the theory that the designer of the flag is not known is not true.

The City of Conroe organized a park project in 2011 to honor Stewart as the sole designer of the Texas flag, which again prompts Montgomery’s proud residents to buy a Texas flag and fly it proudly in their offices and homes.


There is a library to commemorate Stewart’s memory, since the park, where a bust of Stewart was installed has a reference as a mark of respect to Texas flag’s sole designer. The inscription under Stewart’s bust reads, “Charles Bellinger Stewart designed the world-famous Lone Star Flag of Texas, which was adopted in 1839.

However, as a dampener to Montgomery’s proud residents, Spain claims that Stewart did not design the Texas flag all by himself. A committee designed the flag, and there are no records to support the claim of Spackey that Stewart was the sole designer of the Texas flag.

Despite the controversy, people still flock to flag stores a few days before June 14 (Flag Day) to buy this iconic flag as they are proud of its history.

More Facts about the Texas Flag

The Texas flag is similar to the American flag as far as the narratives and aesthetics are concerned. Spain draws a comparison between Betsy Ross’s story (a claim that her ancestors designed the American flag) and Spackey’s story and claims that the descendants of both have created similar stories about the origins of both the flags.

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Spackey claims vehemently that Charles Stewart’s story has been a subject of discussion in her family, which has been passed down as a fiercely guarded legacy. A prized family possession was a piece of linen with Mirabeau B. Lamar’s signature appended. Spackey’s family donated this heirloom to the state in 1966.

However, records at the Texas State Library and Archives Commission indicate that the Texas flag was most probably designed by Peter Krag, an Austin based artist, for $200.

Summing it Up

There’s a raging debate on Stewart and Ross’s stories ever since the flags came into being, as there is no written record to prove either claim. However, this is no dampener for people who still love to buy a flag for the sake of hoisting it, as it is more a matter of pride than anything to do with historical evidence.

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