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5 Reasons to Enroll in Chef Training Today

A lot of companies are now transforming their business processes using DevOps tools to scale-up automation

A decade ago, software development was a tedious process that followed the conventional software development lifecycle of analyzing, coding, testing, and deploying. This error-prone approach couldn’t keep pace with the rapidly evolving demands of the digital industry. Thus, the idea of DevOps was born which meant working in a streamlined manner following a systematic approach thereby dealing with fewer glitches. 

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DevOps ensures close coordination among all the modern business processes that are needed to plan, develop, test, and deploy an IT project. A lot of companies are now transforming their business processes using DevOps tools to scale-up automation. 

Wondering what is Chef?

Chef is one such powerful automated configuration management platform deployed by companies to create programmable infrastructure, hybrid environments, and apps, thereby playing a key role in many data centers across the globe. This has led to an increase in demand for experienced DevOps engineers and IT professionals trained in Chef.

It uses Ruby for writing system configurations. Working in the tech domain if you are willing to expand your knowledge then training in Chef can secure your future in the industry. 

While you may not be a master chef in your kitchen, you can easily become an expert in your project by enrolling online in a Chef Course to learn its nuances.

chef training, chef, success, chef course
A lot of companies are now transforming their business processes using DevOps tools to scale-up automation. Pixabay

Why Chef?

Chef has become the backbone of configuration management since the last couple of years. It is a free open-source tool that helps in the delivery of any application anytime anywhere, literally. Using continuous automation for transforming business environment, Chef ensures faster, safer, and better software development and deployment.

Chef treats infrastructure as code and describes the existing machine setup of multiple nodes in a single recipe. Typically, a cookbook is considered to be a collection of recipes pertinent to a single task. However, that is not always the case. The Chef server stores different cookbooks which automatically configure existing and new nodes with the server periodically. 

The benefits of Chef are:

  1. Need for speed: Nowadays companies want to speed up their idea to roll-out phase. How quickly they deploy their software and how easily they roll-out new commits are two critical factors that can set them apart from the competition. Chef automates the IT infrastructure in an organization to deliver this ‘speed’ which is critical in deploying new software and more.
  2. Improved efficiency and resiliency: While a quick turnaround time is a big plus point, it is not always enough. Chef is a step ahead as it catches glitches in real-time and monitors problems to increase the system’s resiliency and efficiency thereby reducing downtime. 
  3. Lower risk and quick recovery from failures: With continuous automation Chef’s infrastructure management capabilities ensure effective risk management and a faster recovery after a glitch is discovered. So it lowers risk and improves standard compliance in all the development stages.
  4. Hybrid infrastructure management: It supports both physical and virtual infrastructure automation. There’s a provision to code Chef Recipes that can smoothly move applications and workloads across servers, automatically install and configure new infrastructure, and manage all your cloud and on-premise environments simultaneously.
  5. Cloud-agnostic delivery pipeline: Chef lets you transition smoothly between different cloud providers. By streamlining all IT operations it creates a delivery pipeline that ensures continuous deployment every time and everywhere.

chef, chef training, success
A lot of companies are now transforming their business processes using DevOps tools to scale-up automation.

So why should you learn Chef?

Clearly, Chef has a number of advantages in terms of automation, resilience, security, and other features as compared to the other DevOps tools. You must learn to use it as it:

  1. Saves time: You no longer need to spend hours in configuring individual servers across multiple environments. Using Chef you can automatically configure and deploy any number of new nodes in a single day.
  2. Improved fault tolerance: Even if your recent version upgrade caused a major breakdown, Chef can be used to revert all systems to a previous version with an easy command.
  3. Strong community support: The biggest advantage of an open-source tool is its community network. The Chef community is no different. You can access tons of readily available recipes and cookbooks whenever you are stuck.

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Secure your future

If you are an IT professional or a DevOps Engineer wondering how to learn Chef in your spare time, then you must enroll in an online Chef Training program. 

Such programs offer online classes tutored by certified industry experts and exclusive mentor support. You can learn in-depth knowledge of Chef concepts to be able to manage a number of nodes on a single server, learn to configure Chef components using Chef Development Kit, create Chef Cookbooks, Chef Recipes, and manage the real-time implementation of Chef DevOps projects.

So, what are you waiting for? Enroll today!



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