By Kashish Rai

“The World would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as Dogs”

It is rightly said that a Dog may love you more than anything which is why it is a “Humans’ Best Friend”. The reason for it can be that when you make Dogs a part of your family, they tend to share a special bearing with you.

Dogs are occluded with Unconditional love, Loyalty, Friendship and Trust. They demand nothing but love. A dog has so many things to offer to human beings. They don’t speak, but they can make us feel and Cherish any and every momentous thing around us. Below are some pointers that may help you discern why Dogs are called Humans’ Best Friends.

  1. Dogs Will Always Accompany You in Every Situation

In whichever vulnerability you may be, a dog will never judge you. Dogs have this propensity of staying loyal to their masters. They will cheer you up and share a sense of belongingness with you. A dog will never leave you in any situation. When life brings ups and downs, there is no single doubt in saying that dogs are the best companions to go through both your good and bad times than any other person.

  1. Dogs Will Always Lend You Protection

Dogs can actually perceive what is going on. They have this tendency to feel protective of the person they really love. A dog may not want you to be hurt. They can easily sense your mood and may not want you to be confined to vulnerabilities.

  1. Dogs Bung Themselves According to Your Mood

In whatever mood you may be, whatever Activity to feel doing like~ Dogs will always be ready to lend you their company! Doesn’t matter whether you feel like running, sleeping, dancing, roaming or chilling, your dog would always want to do all of that along with you. Isn’t this unique? Even your Buddies may not like to give you a company in all of those things but a dog does!

  1. Dogs will Always Demand Your Love

Dogs don’t need expensive gifts, they just need your attention and love. Dogs are a real life proof to show that “loving is equal to living”. Dogs often make goofy faces to make you love them. They shower more love, that is why they seek more love. “There is nothing more precious than the love of a Dog”.

  1. Dogs Get Happy When They See You

After a long, tiring and Hectic day, it’s your Dog who has got its eyes on the door of your house waiting for you. Nothing can match the immeasurable joy of a dog seeing his master come back home. Even though you come home after a  month long trip, your dog will greet you with unmatched enthusiasm. Dogs are always up for warm cuddles.

When you make Dogs a part of your family, they tend to share a special bearing with you. Pixabay
  1. Dogs Never Hold Resentments

Humans have this tendency to hold grudges for one another, but dogs do not have it. Dogs always keep happy memories with themselves that they cherish for ages. One the other hand, while you are more prone to experience hate from fellow beings, Dogs may always shower you with their tenderness and love.

Having a dog will bless you with the happiest days of your life.

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For dogs, every moment is rejoicing, everyday is a special day, every game or food is the best of all and they make sure to make everything bestest for you too. Only a true dog lover can understand what kind of special happiness dogs bring. Hope you now may have Understood why a dog can be your best friend.