Rekhta Foundation Launches An Online Urdu Learning Course

The new vocabulary course can be accessed on alfaaz. aamozish. com

Urdu Learning
An initiative of Rekhta Foundation for learning and education. Pixabay

In an initiative to familiarize Urdu language enthusiasts and budding poetry appreciators with the fundamental vocabulary used in Urdu poetry and conversations, Rekhta Foundation has launched an online learning course titled ‘Alfaaz’.

The majority of the people who are enthusiastic about Urdu poetry and language are the ones whose interests are newfound. The sonic beauty and the discipline of language mesmerize them but their unfamiliarity with Urdu words, the metaphors, and the traditions they derive meaning from keeps them from enjoying poetry in its true form, says Satish Gupta, Head – Programs and Outreach, Rekhta Foundation.

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The course is by Aamozish, an initiative of the Rekhta Foundation for learning and education. The Foundation organizes noted events like Jashn-e-Rekhta. Alfaaz would help such people develop deeper insights into Urdu literature by acquainting them with initially 100 most fundamental words which would be their key to a universe of meanings in poetry. Rekhta plans to include more words into the vocabulary course in the near future, says Gupta.

“Having originated from the composite Ganga Jamuni culture of India, Urdu language helps communicate a large population of the subcontinent. The recent upsurge in people’s interest in the Urdu language is a testament to the people’s love for their culture and tradition. Urdu poetry creates its effect through the layers of meanings accumulated in its words through centuries of traditions. Having a good understanding of them is essential for a reader to enjoy the poems. Besides, a good vocabulary is a solution to many day-to-day needs of people by helping them communicate better. A human being grows with the knowledge of every word as they become aware of the existence of a whole new entity in this universe. Alfaaz by Rekhta is a very important initiative and deserves appreciation as it would contribute to the making of a culturally rich society,” Azhar Iqbal, an Urdu poet, told IANSlife.

Urdu Learning
Urdu language helps communicate a large population of the subcontinent. Pixabay

“An Urdu couplet, as captivating and straightforward it may seem at first glance, also has multiple layers of meanings as one explores more into it. Thus, to enjoy it in its truest form, a beginner always longs to understand the meanings of the words used in it. To appreciate a poem, these sensibilities are very important and are difficult to be developed without the company of poets or litterateurs. A vocabulary course that acquaints the readers with the meanings, traditions, and the metaphors encompassed within a word can help,” adds Shiwali Rathi, an Urdu language learner and poetry enthusiast.

According to the Foundation, Alfaaz provides a 360-degree understanding of the handpicked words – their literal as well contextual meanings along with grammatical etymology and word usage in couplet examples. “The words are divided into 14 categories (the rudimentary ones in Urdu poetry) and each of the 100 words has 4 easy-to-understand steps giving references and detailed explanations. Alfaaz also helps the reader with audio of the words and couplets with their correct pronunciation.”

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All the words are arranged in a sequence to make learning interesting and easy. One can only move ahead from one category to the next after completing all the words in a category and attaining the minimum required score in the quiz. There is more into the gamified features including users can track their daily progress, weekly presence, earn points, take quizzes, check real-time ranking, collect badges according to score points and mark their favorite words and couplets.

The Rams-ul-khat, Rekhta’s online Urdu script learning course by Aamozish, was taken by over 75,000 people worldwide. The new vocabulary course can be accessed on (IANS)