Religious Leaders play an important role in creating Awareness against Corruption, says Narendra Modi

Modi on note ban
Prime Minister Narendra Modi. VOA

Delhi, Feb 4, 2017: While addressing the devotees of Sri Krishna Mutt through a video conference held on the occasion of Madhwa Navami celebration and Sri Madhwa Saptha Shathamanothsava, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that religious leaders play an important role in creating awareness against corruption.

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The conference was a programme to commemorate 700 years since the disappearance of Sri Madhwacharya, an exponent of Dvaita philosophy. “It is essential for religious leaders and seers to create awareness among the public to root out corruption, black money problem and wrongful notions that have tarnished the image of this nation. Each citizen can do a lot for the betterment of this country”, he said to 

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Modi also laid emphasis on the importance of the “Vasudaiva Kutumbakam”. He said, “The power vested in common people is the real power of this nation. Hence there is a need to show people the right path to lead a pious life. The idea of ‘Vasudaiva Kutumbakam’ preached by the ancient scholars of India is a guiding torch for younger generation.The idea will also find solution to the daunting problem of fanaticism.”

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“Great souls like Madhwacharya and Ramanujacharya preached the importance of devotion for human beings. These preachings spread to the entire India. Later, the compositions made through ‘Dasa’ traditions by Tulsidas, Chaithanyadevaru, Gurunanak, Ramanand, Kabirdas, Surdas all contributed towards reforming the society on a big scale”, he opined.

– prepared by Shambhavi Sinha of NewsGram. Twitter:  @shambhavispeaks