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Research Found Out Benefits Of Yoga Sutras and Meditation

A video talks about research in collaboration with scientists from Harvard, UCSF, Duke, Scrips, and Chopra foundation, Mount Sinai, New York. The research was upon the genetic structure of a human body.cTheir activity can also be changed.

woman in blue spaghetti strap top sitting on brown wooden log Photo by Mor Shani on Unsplash

In the research which took place for a week people learned mantra meditation. They practiced the yoga sutras of patanjali from the chapter on the siddhis.

The enzyme called telomerase, which is influencing the length of telomeres, increased by 40% in one week. Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

The research found that in one week of meditation and practice of yoga sutras the genes responsible for healing and self regulation increased by 17-fold over baseline. The genes that are responsible for diseases or inflammation went down drastically. The enzyme called telomerase, which is influencing the length of telomeres, increased by 40% in one week. Telomeres are at the end of a chromosome. This meant people were reversing their biological age at a genetic level.

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Yakshi statue by Kanayi Kunjiraman at Malampuzha garden, Kerala

Kerala is a land of many good things. It has an abundance of nature, culture, art, and food. It is also a place of legend and myth, and is known for its popular folklore, the legend of Yakshi. This is not a popular tale outside the state, but it is common knowledge for travellers, especially those who fare through forests at night.

The legend of the yakshi is believed to be India's equivalent of the Romanian Dracula, except of course, the Yakshi is a female. Many Malayalis believe that the Yakshi wears a white saree and had long hair. She has a particular fragrance, which is believed to be the fragrance of the Indian devil-tree flowers. She seduces travellers with her beauty, and kills them brutally.

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Ancient India not only made mentions of homosexuality but accepted it as well.

The LGBTQ+ acronym stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and others. In India LGBTQ+ community also include a specific social group, part religious cult, and part caste: the Hijras. They are culturally defined either as "neither men nor women" or as men who become women by adopting women's dress and behavior. Section 377 of the India Penal code that criminalized all sexual acts "against the order of nature" i.e. engaging in oral sex or anal sex along with other homosexual activities were against the law, ripping homosexual people off of their basic human rights. Thus, the Indian Supreme Court ruled a portion of Section 377 unconstitutional on 6th September 2018.

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Among the many things that Mysore offers to the state of Karnataka, the Mysore Peta is one. In north India, various cultures have their own headgears. They wear their traditional outfits on the days of festivities and ceremonies. Likewise, in the south, especially in Karnataka, the Mysore Peta is worn.

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