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Rotating web proxies give you the advantage of working with multiple IP addresses.

A web scraping process is almost inconceivable without the use of proxies. The reason for that is because, only with the use of proxies, you get into a website and quickly run a tool to scrape the information and get a collated data file for it. While this seems like an excellent idea initially, the website would soon be able to track the scraping mechanism and prevent all such activities on the page, if ignoring the use of a proxy.

Rotating web proxies give you the advantage of working with multiple IP addresses. The proxies keep changing and rotating often enough for the web page to not identify the scraping activities from one particular IP. By using proxies, you can scan through multiple pages and extract the information, based on your requirements, with the necessary scraping software.

Types of Proxies

There are different kinds of proxies that you could work with. The first classification includes shared and private proxies. Shared proxies are cheaper to use, and are shared with multiple users. They can be a little slow to work with when compared to the private proxies. Private proxies, as the name suggests, are used privately by a single user. Although they give you the most optimum performance, they could prove to be quite expensive.

Other types of proxies include:

  • Data center proxies

Data center proxies are not provided by an internet service provider. Instead, these are handled by third-party providers who are not connected to your ISP at all. Besides, the most significant benefit of this type of proxies is that these proxies are not linked to a particular location.

  • Residential proxies

As the name suggests, the residential proxy is provided by the internet service provider to internet users. These proxy IPs are designated to a particular location and are genuinely coming from the ISP. They are equally secure and reliable when compared to the data center proxies.

Benefits of Residential Proxies

  • Anonymity

The most important benefit offered by residential proxies is anonymity. If these IPs are indeed tagged to a location; then, how does it become anonymous? Since this is provided by an ISP, this is a more trusted option. And the website owners will not usually suspect any proxy or scraping activities with these IPs.

  • Data harvesting

Residential proxies come in handy for several reasons. Apart from anonymity, these kinds of proxies also help you with data harvesting purposes, especially for large volumes of data from online platforms.

  • Unrestricted

When compared to other web proxies, residential proxies are least likely to get blocked by the website crawlers and admins. For this reason, residential proxies prove to be the most favored choice for all the companies engaging in web scraping activities. This is the best method to mimic human behavior online without actually getting caught.

Differences between Residential Proxy and Data Center Proxy

The primary difference between a residential proxy and a data center proxy is its attachment to a particular location. The residential IP provided to you is taken from a pool of similar addresses from around the globe. But residential proxies have certain advantages over their counterparts. For instance, these are more authentic and legitimate. This is because any website’s security system will be more likely to trust these residential proxies. Data center proxies tend to get banned slightly more, even when purchased from a trustworthy provider. Although, most operations that require data center proxies do not lose too much when couple proxies get banned from the website as they purchase them in big bulks.

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The other important area where residential proxies triumph over the data center ones is with regards to the location requirements. The former is known to be able to connect to more geographical locations since they are a more trusted option. Overall, if you are working with one or two accounts, you could trust data center proxies’ speed and reliability up to a certain while. However, for a more extensive and all-encompassing application, the residential proxies tend to be a far better choice.

With these residential proxies, you can now run all your scraping bots and engage in data harvesting practices, without the fear of getting blocked out. The high level of anonymity provided is something that is not easily available in other types of proxies.


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Israeli Ambassador Naor Gilon said that the Pegasus snooping issue is India's internal matter.

Israeli Ambassador Naor Gilon on Thursday said that the Pegasus snooping issue is India's internal matter.

The NSO is a private company and it has a license to sell its software to the government entities only, he added.

Gilon said: "This is an internal issue of India and I can't speak beyond this point. This is the only main requirement that... under the requirements, they cannot sell it to non-governmental actors".

Responding to a query if the Indian government will contact them, he said that he has no idea whether the Indian government has contacted them or not.

Referring to the explosion that took place last year near the Israeli embassy in Delhi, he said that the perpetrators are yet to be nabbed; however, the investigating agencies of both countries are cooperating with each other.

"We are thankful to the government of India for providing security to all embassy personnel," Gilon said.

Talking about the newly-formed quad with Israel, India, the US, and UAE, the Ambassador said it is totally an economic forum based on mutual cooperation among the participant countries.

"It has nothing to do with the military component as of now," he added.

Talking about Afghanistan, Gilon said that the country should not be used for extremism.

"There should not be any human rights violation and women and children should not suffer there", he commented.

Saying that Israel is a technologically sound country but it cannot go for industrial manufacturing, the partnership between India and Israel can work better for industrial productions.

Sharing the details of the recently-concluded visit of External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar, he said that the visit was most successful in terms of bilateral relations.

Jaishankar met all important Ministers of the Israeli government and also met the Indian Diaspora, the Indian Jews who have recently settled there.

"It was a very warm visit, very friendly which I think emphasized the strategic partnership declared during the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Israel. I think that the visit was in the spotlight of 30 years of diplomatic relations which we are going to celebrate on January 29 next year," Gilon added. (IANS/JB)

Keywords: Israel Politics, Indian Diaspora, Pegasus issues, Pegasus snooping issue, a partnership between India and Israel.

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The Sher Bahadur Deuba governmentrecommended veteran diplomat Shanker Sharma as the next ambassador to India.

The Sher Bahadur Deuba government on Thursday recommended veteran diplomat Shanker Sharma as the next ambassador to India.

Sharma earlier served as Vice Chairman of the National Planning Commission and Nepal's Ambassador to the United States of America from 2009 to 2013.

The post in the New Delhi embassy of Nepal fell vacant recently after Deuba recalled the ambassadors from 12 countries including India. The outgoing ambassador, Nilamber Acharya has already returned to Kathmandu.

Sharma has extensive experience in government, international institutions, and economic research. Before joining the National Planning Commission as a member in 1997, he worked as a Senior Economic Advisor, Ministry of Finance, Nepal; a Senior Economist in the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore; and a Fellow in the East-West Center, Hawaii. He also served as a Professor of Economics in the Centre for Economic Development and Administration, Tribhuvan University.

He worked regionally and globally for many organizations, such as the UNESCAP, World Bank, and ASEAN. Sharma is close confident of Prime Minister Deuba. (IANS/JB)

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that 2022 will be celebrated as the friendship year for India and ASEAN countries

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday announced that 2022 will be celebrated as the friendship year for India and ASEAN countries as both have completed 30 years of partnership.

The event will coincide with India's celebrations of the 75th year of Independence from the colonial regime, he added.

While participating in the 18th edition of the India-ASEAN Summit, Modi said, "India is committed to deepening its relations with the next presidency, Cambodia and country-coordinator Singapore."

"History is witness to the fact that India and ASEAN have had relations for thousands of years. India-ASEAN relations are reflected in everything, including in our shared values, traditions, languages, scriptures, architecture, culture, food," the Prime Minister noted.

Speaking about the Covid pandemic which engulfed the whole world, he further said that the Covid period was also a test of India-ASEAN friendship. "Our mutual ties in the Covid time will keep strengthening our corporations in future and form a base for goodwill between our people," Modi added.

He further said that the unity and centrality of ASEAN have always been a priority for India and history has witnessed the fact that "we have had ties since thousands of years," he said.

The Prime Minister also said that India's Indo-Pacific Oceans Initiative (IPOI) and ASEAN's Outlook for the Indo-Pacific are the framework for their shared vision and mutual cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region.

During the Summit, the head of the member states will review the progress of India and ASEAN Strategic Partnerships which was signed in 2012. They will also review the progress achieved in the sectors like Covid-19, health, trade and investment, connectivity, education among others, the officials of India's Ministry of External Affairs said. (IANS/JB)

Keywords: India, and ASEAN partnership, COVID-19, India, and ASEAN, India, and history, Indo-Pacific Oceans Initiative.