Tuesday January 28, 2020
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Retro Home Decor Ideas are Now Trending

Retro home decor
Follow these retro home decor ideas that will make your interior look even more better. Pixabay

From vintage chairs to shag rugs, there’s a host of home decor ideas that are making a major comeback.

Heena Jain, Head Design Consultant, WoodenStreet shares the interior decoration trends that you can follow to retro-fit your home:

1. Vintage rocking chairs

Rocking chairs are certainly not out-of-trend. In the 18th century they were in the limelight, and now once again see the spotlight. Authentic and ideal for a reading nook, they will make you feel cosy and relaxed.

2. Pendant lights

From ornate chandeliers to minimalist fixtures, adding light is a must to look vintage chic.

3. Bold wallpapers

Bold wallpapers are back with a bang! Adding wallpaper over the front wall of the room with floral or some geometric pattern, gives a dramatic look.

Rocking chair
Do not forget to add a vintage rocking chair if you opt for a retro home decor. Pixabay

4. Velvet curtains and shag rugs

Want that 70’s vibes to take a new turn? Opt for velvet curtains in bold colours. Shag rugs have come back in a new way, too. Ditch dark colours as they’re much less daring today. Instead opt for more soft, cozy and fluffy ones.

5. L-Shaped conversation sofas

Perfect for a big living room, L shape sofas can be your home’s cozy spot. Use neutral colours for the couch and bright pillows for added accent.

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6. Wooden paneling

Trendy in the 90’s, wooden paneling is no more old-fashioned and has made a comeback with slimmer slatted patterns and a smooth texture.

7. Houseplants

Aesthetic meets pure air in new homes, and houseplants serve both purposes well. Add a touch of nature to your spaces with the best indoor plants for your home.

Happy decorating! (IANS)

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Colours That Work the Best For Your Home

Enrich your home with the right hue

It is necessary to choose the right hue and colours for your home. Pixabay

Colours can evoke a multiplicity of emotions in you — from calm to joy, and even sadness — making it necessary for you to pick the right colour for your home.

Minal Srivastava, Shalimar Paints suggests the colours that work the best for different rooms in your home.

1. Living room

The living room is any home’s heart. Paint it grey, as this colour can make your space look spacious and sophisticated. Another colour in the same league is beige. A shade of beige on the living room walls never fails to set the mood while adding a minimalistic yet classy effect.

The living room is any home’s heart. Pixabay

Those who find neutrals boring, can opt for green to give the room a fresh look. For your living rooms to appear clean and organised, blue is the go-to colour. If you want to make your living area look unique, apply black as it makes the other elements in the room stand out against the darker background.

2. Bedroom

The bedroom is the most special area of any house. To ensure that it remains cool and cosy, one can choose from different shades of green. Being a natural colour, it perfectly brings in the feeling of serenity and content.

For the stressful souls out there, lavender comes to rescue as it infuses a calming effect in the bedroom. Hues of grey do the same magic to the room.

Blue is another colour that offers a sense of relaxation. While pale blue is known for soothing minds, deep blue ensures the incoming of wisdom and utmost calmness into the soul.

To keep the kitchen in your home warm and welcoming, pick colours such as white, grey, blue, red, yellow and green. Pixabay

3. Kids’ rooms

Having red as the backdrop in kids’ rooms can escalate their energy levels and helps them focus on various activities, letting their brains run fast. A softer shade of orange, since it’s bright and cheerful, can enhance the social skills of children.

Traditionally, pink that was considered to be a go-to girls rooms’ colour, is now believed to benefit both sexes by nurturing the sense of care and empathy in them, thus making it a great colour for your child’s bedroom.

From a learning perspective, choose any shade of green as it brings freshness and enhances comprehension ability. Accent their rooms with purple, which can pass on positive effects on budding minds and inspire thoughtfulness and spirituality.

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4. Kitchen

To keep the kitchen warm and welcoming, pick colours such as white, grey, blue, red, yellow and green. Although each of these colours can add a different kind of uniqueness to the area, soothing colours like blue and warmer colours like red have always been the top preference. While lighter blues can add ethereal beauty of beach and sky to the kitchen as well as to the mind of cook, red is believed to stimulate peoples’ appetite. (IANS)