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Transform your workspace in few simple steps. Pixabay

In the era of social distancing where work from home has become the new norm, establishing a work-life balance can be tricky especially when you are looking for a home office area (workspace) that can ensure you thrive. Moreover, having that special work station that is not only fun but also with the right kind of decor to help your days and evenings, will be fruitful in getting through the week.

Try out these seven simple updates to your workspace, shared by Vishal Kaul – Vice President – Lighting, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd, to turn your corner into something you actually enjoy working in.

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Make way for brightness:

Lighting has become an essential part of our lives where it can augment the space we are living in and completely transform the mood and ambiance. Lighting is more than just filling a dark room as it will affect your productivity, work performance, and depending on how tired your eyes are, they can get tired faster in the weak light. While natural lighting is great, it does not survive the long hours especially when work moves into the night, and can cause eye strain.

Moreover, adding the right kind of lights can also, in turn, enhance your space decor adding more value to your room. Hence a bright workspace can make a significant difference to your health, budget, and mood. Thus, one should go for LED light panels that ensure maximum brightness. Some panels have ultra-slim rims that are quite stylish and seamlessly fit into your ceilings turning your WFH corner into one of the brightest spots in the room!

Bring your walls to life:

One can go for wallpapers, paintings, or photos with some motivational quotes that can be attached to the walls to keep you going and focused. You can also accentuate certain objects, cabinets, pictures, or points on your wall for that dramatic effect through lights. By lighting up these areas with bright LED panels, enhances your workspace and prevent any dark shadows that can cause a hindrance, enhancing more luminous and stylish walls.

Repaint your wall and give it a new look. Pixabay

Lamp up your focus:

For a brighter and focused illumination, invest in some task lighting by opting for desk lamps. Consider a good table lamp with the functionality of changing colors and light intensity or portable table lamps that not only prevent disturbing other family members during extended working hours but also reduces eye strain. And if one experiences a power cut, always have a back-up lamp to let you work/study uninterruptedly.

Get a pop of colors going:

Environment impacts creativity. Embrace colors in your WFH corner for an instant burst of creativity and fun. From grabbing a favorite pillow, attaching some pastel-colored lamps, bringing some funky coffee/tea mugs to even adding some life by lighting a fragrant candle, keep the space lively to make you feel livelier.

Break the monotony of your seating:

Working in one place for long hours can be exhausting. Even if you sit in one corner for a long, your mind and body will crave a change and a break from the mundane. Hence, try accent chairs, bean bags, floor cushions, etc. Shift your body to comfortable seating for just about 20 minutes or so and get back to your desk to avoid postural issues.

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Add a touch of green with some good ol’ plants:

The green hues of a plant always tend to add a positive vibe. Bring some mini plants or succulents etc. that immediately brighten up the corner. If your desk isn’t big, you can hang some plants on the window curtain rods/window sills or go for a large plant on the side to give you the zest to work better.

Sneak in some luxury and accessorize:

Luxury comes in many forms. Once you declutter your space to make it more efficient, add in a few accessories that are hard to come by when you’re in the office. From an aromatherapy diffuser to a gorgeously-designed Mellow digital calendar table lamp that can highlight your area; even a small board with pins and anything else that helps make your space more organized, aesthetic, and colorful to look and help keep you motivated and energetic through the day. (IANS)



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