Thursday June 27, 2019
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Revealed: Why you spend spare time on Facebook



New York: Can’t help skimming through your Facebook timeline even as you take a break from work? You may just be wired to do so as the brain prepares us to be socially connected to other people even when we get some rest, says a new research.

“The brain has a major system that seems predisposed to get us ready to be social in our spare moments,” said the study’s senior author Matthew Lieberman, professor at University of California, Los Angeles.

During quiet moments, the brain is preparing to focus on the minds of other people — or to “see the world through a social lens,” Lieberman said.

Tracking brain activity of study participants using functional magnetic resonance imaging, or fMRI, the researchers found that a brain part called dorsomedial prefrontal cortex might turn on during dreams and rest in order to process our recent social experiences and update our understanding of the social world.

“It is part of a network in the brain that turns on when we dream and during periods of rest, in addition to when we explicitly think about other people,” Lieberman said.

“When I want to take a break from work, the brain network that comes on is the same network, we use when we are looking through our Facebook timeline and seeing what our friends are up to,” Lieberman said.

So although Facebook might not have been designed with the dorsomedial prefrontal cortex in mind, the social network is very much in sync with how our brains are wired.

“That is what our brain wants to do, especially when we take a break from work that requires other brain networks,” Lieberman said.

The study was published in the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience. (IANS)

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Ecommerce Ads: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, PPC

Let’s consider the most effective platforms, which are used by modern marketers

E-Commerce, Ads, Facebook
There exist many ways to promote your brand with the help of different types of adverts.

Today almost every company has its own website or store. It is connected with the growing interest in the sphere of e-commerce. For further development of any e-commerce marketing platform, it is vital to apply various marketing tools. E-commerce ads are one of the effective ways to increase your earnings, reach a target audience, and achieve more sales.

E-commerce advertising platforms

There exist many ways to promote your brand with the help of different types of adverts. Let’s consider the most effective platforms, which are used by modern marketers:

  1. Facebook. Social networks are a powerful tool for any marketer. Facebook is used by a significant number of people of different age, location, education, and interests. That’s why it is easy to find a target audience for almost any product or service there. There are lots of types of adverts, which are available on Facebook. Among the most effective ones, we can mention:
E-Commerce, Ads, Facebook
Today almost every company has its own website or store. Pixabay
  • Dynamic product adverts. A special option allows linking the database of your site with the adverts account on Facebook. Thus, there is no need to manually set a custom audience for each product anymore. The social network is able to generate adverts offering the products, which are similar to those viewed/purchased by the user. Thus, it is possible to achieve more specified targeting. As a result, the marketer may reach higher conversion rates and better engagement of the users.
  • Carousel adverts. With the help of this type of ads, it is possible to promote mini slideshows demonstrating your product. They might be made of images and videos. It is possible to add individual links to increase traffic. It is possible to use up to 5 images/videos. Thus, you can tell a story about your product or create a kind of tour of a website. It is one of the popular types of adverts because visuals always provide advanced engagement of the users.
  • Page Likes Campaigns. On Facebook, you usually have to pay in order to reach your audience. However, likes also matter. For those, whose posts are shared by the users (and then liked by their friends or subscribers), there are lots of benefits. It brings referral traffic, which means you have more influence on the audience. It is effective to organize campaigns, the main aim of which is to reach as many likes as possible. It is also possible to ask for the users’ emails for the further application of email marketing to reach the clients. 

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  1. Instagram. This network is one of the tools, which allows reaching your target audience in an advanced way. It is more appropriate for those marketers, who are looking for a younger target audience. Besides, the statistics show that this platform is able to influence people’s shopping habits more than other social media platforms. Almost 80% of the users make a decision to buy based on the information posted on Instagram. Consider tips for a successful advert on Instagram:
  • make it look as if it is from a friend
  • analyze your target audience and learn together with them.
  1. YouTube. Video marketing is one of the most effective strategies for the development of any business. And YouTube is the best platform for this. The application of video will allow increasing your annual revenue, users’ interest, and traffic. With the help of YouTube, you can promote your product with several types of ads:
E-Commerce, Ads, Facebook
For further development of any e-commerce marketing platform, it is vital to apply various marketing tools. Pixabay
  • bumper adverts
  • non-skippable adverts
  • TrueView adverts
  • outstream adverts.

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For the creation of an ad, you need to link YouTube account with Google Ads. Then it is important to choose an advert campaign type and start a campaign (with the corresponding settings). After this, you can create videos and control the results of your work. It is vital never to forget about the optimization. 

The majority of marketers prefer using a PPC model to get the highest Return on Investment. Such a model is based on the clicks of the users. The marketers pay for each of them (each time any user clicks on a link and opens a website). They create special campaigns for this purpose. To make sure that the campaign is effective, the marketers create special tracking systems to monitor their earnings from ads. Depending on the results, it might be necessary to optimize your adverts to make them more effective.