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DIY Guide to Revitalize the Monsoon Damaged Hair

Getting Rid of Damaged Hair Due to Monsoon

If the pandemic has taught us all one thing it’s too be self-sufficient in the grooming department. From haircuts to hair color, and beard trimming (for men)… one has tried it all at home during the lockdown. But with the added after-effects of the monsoon, we don’t blame you if things have gone out of hand.

The main hair concerns at this time of the year include rough, frizzy hair and a dry scalp as a result of monsoon weather. As compared to other seasons, men and women particularly experience more hair fall, itchy scalps, dandruff, dryness, and frizz in this season. Rainwater is acidic in nature, as it collects impurities and dirt from the environment. In rainy weather with the mix of Sulphur Dioxide, hair tends to become much more acidic in nature which is extremely harmful to it.

When this rainwater comes in contact with the hair, it makes the hair texture brittle, frizzy, and rough by stripping off the natural moisture from the scalp and tresses. Rainwater that gets trapped in the scalp also disturbs the pH balance of the scalp, laying a bed for bacteria/fungi to breed. Hair follicles can become sensitive and absorb water which makes the roots swell up, leading to hair fall and damage.

We roped in experts at Kama Ayurveda to share some do it yourself tricks after months of monsoon damage on your mane.

Damaged Hair
Oils including Organic Cold-pressed Coconut oil and Cold-pressed Organic Neem Oil can be used once in a week. Pixabay

Hot Oil Massage to the Rescue

Hot oil massaging ensures that essential nutrients are soaked deep into the roots and help to repair and revive the strands. Oils including Organic Cold-pressed Coconut oil and Cold-pressed Organic Neem Oil can be used once in a week. While Coconut oil acts as a protective layer to your hair and scalp, Neem Oil is cooling and clears out accumulated sweat and oil, which cause dandruff and itching.

Give your hair a regular oil massage using warm oil infused with herbs like Amla, Bhringraj, and indigo. A warm oil massage helps to increase blood circulation to the hair follicles and helps grow healthy hair. It also conditions your scalp and keeps your hair from being unruly and frizzy. Especially, if you have dry hair, a good massage can help to restore the lost natural oils and lustre. The carefully prepared Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment Oil from Kama Ayurveda consists of effective Ayurvedic ingredients that promote hair growth naturally.

Lemon Therapy

Lemons can help tresses which are affected by humidity or reducing hair fall by tightening the pores in the scalp. Lemon contains lots of astringents and antioxidants that help in cleansing the scalp and tightening the pores.

For this, you simply need to squeeze out some lemon juice in a cup of warm water. Mix it well and pour it over your scalp and hair after you take a bath. This will help in tightening the pores which will control your hair fall and will also cleanse your scalp. Let is stay for about 20-25 minutes and gently rinse it off with cool water. Your scalp gets cleaned, and your hair fall is controlled.

Damaged Hair
A hair mask helps to get rid of frizz and lock the required nutrients for the hair. Unsplash

Home Made Masks

You can treat yourself with a hair mask for frizzy hair using a few fresh ingredients from your kitchen. This helps deep condition the hair, locking in necessary nutrition, and strengthening the hair follicles. For this, mix a teaspoon each of Neem leaf powder, Amla powder, fresh yogurt, and mix them to create a creamy consistency. Apply this mask through the length of your hair and leave on for 30 minutes. Wash this with a mild cleanser and condition.

Natural Color for Greys

One of the trickier aspects has undeniably been coloring your tresses, especially with all the chemicals involved in the process, it’s no wonder people are nervous about a do it yourself hair color routine. This has been a common feeling amongst both men and women.

To that end, Kama Ayurveda recently launched an efficient, timeless, and closest-to-natural solution to dying hair. Using time tested formulations the Organic Hair Colour Kit reduces or eliminates chemicals from your hair-care regime, especially while coloring grey hair

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The kit is an all-natural hair conditioning and coloring combination adds body, richness, and shine as it includes both henna and indigo. Henna is a replenishing herbal conditioner and colorant made with organic henna leaves, that nourishes hair leaving it soft, shiny as it heals the hair shafts and prevents breakage by repair. While indigo is an all-natural hair colorant, made with organic indigo leaves which imparts a rich black color when used in combination with the henna. It also smoothens out the tangles and makes the hair thicker, more manageable, and lustrous in texture. (IANS)



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