‘Ricksharani’ : An album to pay Tribute to ‘Rickshaw-Walas’

Rikshaw, Pixabay

New Delhi April 30, 2017: Sasha Chettri, the face of Airtel 4G, is set to unveil an album titled “Ricksharani”, which is an ode to rickshaw drivers.

“I have been on a long journey in Mumbai, trying to find some peace of mind and some money. I have shifted houses, moved to various locations across the city. All through this journey, I have spent a lot of time in rickshaws. The title of my album is a tribute to all the rickshaw-walas out there, working super hard every day, keeping the city going,” she told IANS.

The album will be launched in May. Asked about the genre, she said: “They are fast paced songs… Bollywood dance music, as we call it! Get ready for some super ‘dhinchak’ dance numbers.”

Talking about her music, she said: “Watch out for my single. The video has been put together by Sachin Gupta and choreographed by Adil. It was a crazy shoot. It’s called ‘Besharam’.”

Any fond memory of an auto-rickshaw ride?

“Yes, there was this one rickshaw driver, who inspired me a lot with his story. He was 32 and positive about life. He said he’s just doing this to earn some money and he’s going to then start his own business.”

“He was so full of energy and said one thing I’ll never forget ‘Madam main apna luck na, lekar chalta hoon, apna malik apna dost hai’ meaning to say God was his friend. I was super happy when I heard that. All my experiences in Mumbai have been humbling,” said Sasha, who hails from Dehradun.

The 24-year-old has been modelling, acting and singing.

“I have been singing since I was very young. I love acting. I have always written my own music, then someone came along and decided to make me a model. I definitely enjoy doing all of these things, but if you ask me about my strengths I would say that it’s more about finding my ability to express — finding just the right medium, and that has been music forever, it makes me happy.

“I have been playing guitar since I was 13, started performing at weddings, events etc soon after,” said the “Katti Batti” actress.

Any other acting or singing projects in Bollywood?

“I am considering a film, and some singing assignments yes, but more excited about the single launch next month,” said the daughter of an ex-army officer.

She isn’t the only actress or model with an army background. Actresses Anushka Sharma and Priyanka Chopra also have the same background. Asked about the secret, she said: “I think army kids have a lot of spunk due to their upbringing. We are also very adaptable and flexible, which is a big requirement in acting. Maybe that’s what works.” (IANS)


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