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70% Rise In Towing Assistance Queries Post-Accidents On Highways

AUTO i CARE received more than 22000 calls during night time for towing assistance after an accident or car breakdown from across the country from November 2020 to date

Around 1.50 lakh people die in road accidents every year. Maharashtra saw a fall in accidents last year, with around 25,000 reported accidents which is a drop of 36 percent from 2019 but still, the state is in the top two in road fatalities.

Since November 2020, the AUTO I CARE app, a 24-hour car repair service provider, registered over 1,10,000 queries on their helpline out of which 70,000 calls were for towing of vehicles involved in an accident. The number is shockingly high at 70 percent, which could be due to people starting to take road trips post lockdown. To spread awareness on the need for road safety, the Maharashtra government is observing National Road Safety Month from January 18.

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The increase in road travel has also seen a spate of accidents on our highways and roads. AUTO i CARE, received more than 22000 calls during night time for towing assistance after an accident or car breakdown from across the country from November 2020 till date. But accidents seem to double in number during the daytime with nearly 50,000 calls for assistance on the highways. According to the app, metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Hyderabad make the most calls.

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As per Sagar Joshi, founder of the app, “Spreading awareness about Road Safety is empowering to us as a roadside assistance startup. Observing National Road Safety Month, the platform is reaching out to thousands of travelers to educate them by sharing vital tips on the importance of maintaining your vehicle and the need to follow the rules of driving is a step to making Indian roads safer.”

He further added, “We handled distress calls from Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Goa, Kolkata, Noida, Jaipur, Lucknow, Hyderabad and more. Our team is working 24×7 to ensure the right help is reached to the vehicles within 20 minutes from the time call is placed. We are affiliated with over 50,000 local mechanics and garages covering 998 cities and towns and 2,28,000 kilometers of Indian roads.” (IANS)



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