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The Rise of Virtual Nightlife

Ideas to make your virtual nightlife more exciting

By Tori Lancaster

As we spend more evenings in than ever before, the entertainment industry has had to reinvent itself once more, with a huge explosion in virtual nightlife opportunities. Here are some brilliant ideas to make a night in just as memorable as a night out.

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The comedy industry has struggled this year but some stand-ups have branched out into online gigs, often with a portion of the proceeds going to charity. This is a fantastic way to have some great laughs at home, and you can be assured you’ll have the best seat in the house! It’s an interesting twist to potentially see a more relaxed version of more famous comics as they perform from their own living rooms, straight into yours. Although very different from the atmosphere of a comedy club, this is a world away from watching Netflix repeat and you can even interact in real-time with the comedian themselves through chat options and social media.

Casinos are thriving online, with a huge array of sites and games to try.  Whether you prefer table games, slot machines, or poker there is an option for you to have a flutter and try and win some cash.  Playing online means all the fun without having to bother with a dress code so you can be more comfortable than ever while enjoying a casino experience, try casino NJ for a flavor of what to expect. 

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If you’re missing some high culture, you can have the latest ballet performances streamed live into your living room.  With beautiful music and incredible dancing to enjoy this is a great way to relax and perhaps try something, you might not normally have attended. This is a great choice for a festive evening with performances such as The Nutcracker, or the iconic Swan Lake. And being online, if you change your mind halfway through you can just turn it off, no commitment needed!

Lose yourself playing golf, racing cars, or even killing zombies! Unsplash

Cook along shows and private events are becoming more and more popular as people look for new ways to enjoy their nights in.  You could hire a personal chef, or just tune into a Youtube show and chop, fry, and bake your way as your virtual entertainment helps you create a delicious meal.

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For a truly virtual evening, grab yourself a virtual reality headset and a couple of games, and you’ll have a 360 experience to remember. Headsets and accessories are more affordable and easier to use than ever before. Lose yourself playing golf, racing cars, or even killing zombies!

Many famous musicians and singers have begun to offer live streams and virtual concerts this year, making it really easy to have a fun evening filled with your favorite songs.  Many of these have created funding for people working in the music industry so you can do good as you enjoy some tunes!  With special guests popping in online and one-off performances this is a fantastic option for a virtual night in, and there’s no need to wait for a cab home at the end of the night!

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Hopefully, these suggestions are food for thought to spice up any blank evenings in the diary and can give you a little taster of some of the new virtual options available for you to try!

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