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Rising hate crimes in US: Indian’s house smeared with dog poops and hate messages

In the wake of new-born hatred for the immigrants in US, a new incident happened which again, very strongly, questions the authority.

President Donald Trump . Courtesy: VOA

US, March 2, 2017: Donald Trump once said that he’s gonna change the destiny of America forever. Well, the seeds of Trump’s ‘change’ have been sowed. While it’s difficult to assess the future, but what’s happening currently in US is definitely worrisome.

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In the wake of new-born hatred for the immigrants in US, a new incident happened which again, very strongly, questions the authority.

The home of an Indian in the US has been smeared with dog poop, eggs and hate messages, prompting the FBI to investigate the case as a possible hate crime.

The episode happened in Colorado’s Peyton town.

Derisive messages were sprawled everywhere throughout the home with the greater part of them being racial slurs aimed at the Indian homeowner who did not wish to be named, reported.

“About 10 percent of the messages were racial slur on us, ‘You brown or Indian shouldn’t be here’ something like that,” he said, adding that it was frightening.

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The FBI is exploring a conceivable detest wrongdoing in the Southern Colorado episode that occurred on February 6, the report said.

“We saw more than 50 papers stuck everywhere on our door, window, car — they smeared dog poop everywhere and they had thrown at least like 40 eggs on our walls on our ceilings, everywhere outside,” the man said.

He said his neighbours came together and completely cleaned up the house for him.

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Authorities believed it was the work of a group of people because of the all the damage.


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