• Rock climbing adventure has been infused in people’s living rooms
  • A special camera is fitted with the system which recognises people on the wall and their touch
  • The game is a good distraction from gadgets for children

July 5, 2017: The long-awaited new technology has revolutionized the concept of fun exercising games by converting indoor rock climbing into a video game. It has launched various games including a game called Whack a Bat wherein people have to chase virtual bats while climbing a wall. This new idea has a lot of potentials as exercising can be very boring at times. It has various types of training programmes and games to choose from and it offers the feature of the touch screen.

How does it work? A special camera is fitted with the system which recognises people on the wall and their touch. Not only does it have all the benefits mentioned above, but it also has an option of double player mode to provide a competitive edge to this rock climbing experience which makes it further more interesting. It will make you go through a climbing adventure which can be undertaken in one’s home!

This was specially designed for kids nowadays who cannot get their eyes off gadgets like TVs, laptops and video games. It makes it hard for such kids to ignore the gaming aspect of this technology which makes it a whole lot more fun and helps them become active in life. It is by far the most engaging video games for kids.

Children addicted to gadgets. Pixabay.

We rarely see children playing outside and having fun which affects their health adversely.

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Engaging in this game makes people forget that not only are they entertaining themselves but are also completing their daily routine of exercising. People can be seen playing, laughing and having fun as this new technology combines exercising and virtual reality in a very innovative manner. It creates a very special experience and makes people forget that they are climbing, including people who fear heights. To some extent, it even motivates people to gain courage and go outside to climb.

The only drawback of this new technology is that it is very expensive and it costs around $15,000. Nonetheless, people who can afford it should definitely try it out as it can prove to be a really good investment.

Prepared by Harsimran Kaur of NewsGram. Twitter: Hkaur1025

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