The Role Of A Software QA Engineer While Developing A Conversational AI Software

Assuring the quality of the software is the main responsibility that the QA engineers have in the process of software development

QA engineer
Software QA engineer. Pixabay

By Ishita Gupta

Most of the business owners now prefer to have a website so that they can have an online presence too.  But often customers and audience miss out on the interaction and conversations that they used to have in a face to face dealing. Thus, such a situation has increased the demand for software options that can offer a conversational experience for the customers.

In these software options, most are conversational ai software. Some of the examples of such software options are the very famous Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa.

Today most of the website is also having chatbots that indulge in conversation with the people who are visiting the website. Thus, the need for such developers has also increased. Also, has increased the need for the software QA engineer.

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Here are some of the important roles of these engineers due to which their importance has increased in the development of such software options today.

Review of Specifications:

Any software comes around with several specifications and features. It is quite crucial to check through these specifications before boasting about them in the software in front of the users. The engineers go through the technical designs and details and offer feedback to the developers. Based on these details and feedback, the developers either make changes in the software or go ahead with the developing process of the software.

QA engineer
Artificial intelligence. Pixabay

Test Plans:

It is also the responsibility of the engineers to create test plans that are detailed and are well-structured. The test cases are important while developing software so that the function of the software can be checked out well. The engineers arrange for such test plans so that the right testing of the software can be done within time. If the software passes through the testing, the software gets a green signal to go ahead in the market. If there are errors noticed during the testing, the engineer notifies about this to the developers and further work continues to solve the errors.

Estimation and Coordination:

Testing the software is not just a random activity that can be done anytime and by anyone. When software is tested, all the aspects are tested so that not a single corner is left out. To do so, the engineers conduct a proper estimation of the areas of the software that has to be tested. Also, priorities are set by them about what are the areas that need testing or correction first in the software. Coordinating the activities of the testing is another important task that is the responsibility of these engineers.

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If developers are the main people who create and develop software options, QA engineers are equally important in the process. These engineers are responsible for the testing of the software after it is developed. Also, the engineers test the software in different stages to check whether the development process is proceeding in the right way or not. Moreover, it can be said that assuring the quality of the software is the main responsibility that the QA engineers have in the process of software development.

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