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Role of Carbs and Calories to Build Muscles

Should you count carbs or calories to build muscle?


If you pay attention to your diet and work hard in the gym but still experience no muscle gain, then it can be really frustrating sometimes. This is a fitness news.

Muscles are hard to build and even harder to maintain. Its building and maintenance depends on the age of the person. Both calories and carbohydrates plays an important role in muscle building, even the protein too. They say, without family members, a home can never be built likewise without sufficient carbs & calories, muscles can’t be built. Men’s Physique Athlete, Sandeep Shekhawat explains further on the topic:

They say, without family members, a home can never be built likewise without sufficient carbs & calories, muscles can’t be built. Pixabay

Role of carbohydrates in muscle building

Carbohydrate is an important component of a fitness equation that works as a fuel for the muscle. When planning your meals, it is recommended to avoid food which is rich in fiber during and before workouts. Adding carbohydrates in the meal schedule doesn’t mean loading up burgers and pizzas. Inculcate the habit of consuming good carbs which includes the food low in fat. For example, cereals, multigrain breads, potatoes, whole eggs, rice, sweet potatoes, etc. Fruit, vegetables, skimmed milk and yogurt are also some of the good options of carbs which you can add to your diet. When you consume carbs it gets converted into glycogens which give you power during workouts. So, for complete health and muscle strength, focus on good sources of carbohydrates.

For your body to allow muscles to grow, you need to have enough calories than you burn per day. Pixabay

Role of calories in muscle building

For your body to allow muscles to grow, you need to have enough calories than you burn per day. Adequate intake of calories, carbohydrates and protein is required so that your body will not convert the protein into energy.

If you are training yourselves at your level best but are not able to notice the gains, then it is high time to blame your diet. Most “hard-gainers” not taking in enough calories that helps in muscle growth. If you hit the gym hard, but don’t eat sufficient calories, your broken muscle will not get enough nutrients to repairand grow. Surplus calorie intake should be there for your muscle growth.

So, the answer to the question “Should I count carbs or calories to build muscle?” is completely clear that the balance of both is must.

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The right amount of carbohydrate intake should be there alongside with the correct number of calories.

Keep eating healthy, keep building muscles! (IANS)



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