RSS chief blames British for destroying Indian education system


Indore: Rashtriya Swaysevak Sangh(RSS) Chief Mohan Bhagwat on Saturday said that British copied the traditional Indian education system and presented it as the county education system in England.

However, British rulers implemented such an education system that handicapped Indian minds.

Speaking at the concluding ceremony of “Vishva Sangha Shivir”, in Indore, Bhagwat said that the British destroyed traditional education system in India but took the same system to their own country and implemented it as the country education system.

RSS supremo added that when British came to our country, India had 70 per cent of the literacy rate while England had only 17 per cent. However, forced foreign education system left India in tatters. He said that Britain had the desire to make India a colony for forever and they realized that to do that they need to destroy all the good local things and, as a result, Indians lose their self-respect.

In a bid to make India a colony forever, Britain realized that they needed to corrode the country’s culture and heritage. Their atrocious administration made Indians lose their self-respect.

He further said that the world is fighting the struggles between various viewpoints.

A near 200-year of colonial rule hurt India in all possible way. Furthermore, a large portion of the population is still having the colonial hangover.  A lot of people have this percept that knowing English escalates their social status.

The biggest problem lies in the mind that people who believe that they need English to prove their intelligence or abilities. Unfortunately Indian system in the past 70 years has failed not to change this mindset. On the contrary, the number of students studying in the English medium is increasing by leaps and bounds.

It might be mentioned that language being the main base of any culture and education system holds the key to revival.


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