Runescape Gold, The New Virtual Gold In Venezuela

The Virtual Gold in Venezuela is Earned by the Runescape Game

Virtual Gold
Runescape- The virtual game to acquire Gold in Venezuela. Unsplash

RuneScape is a huge inventory game developed by Jagex in 2001. It has continued to maintain the game experience, making it one of the top games on the list. This game helps players build their game earnings by gold farming within the game.

A player can earn from RuneScape by either playing it or getting their hands on the Runescape Gold. It can later be spent on the game characters to boost the game record. 

Gold is known to be a primary currency of RuneScape and is commonly known as RS gold. It is used to purchase all kinds of game equipment and services. The RS Gold is often compared to real money, and every 10 million OSRS Gold has an actual worth of $7.31. RuneScape Gold is expensive from its looks, considering there is a shortage of Gold among different RuneScape Players. Gold Farming is a method to build wealth in RuneScape but the requirement, in that case, is too high. 

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Venezuelans have been in the news for opting for ways to make money in a nonconventional way. With the current economic conditions, Gold Farming in games like RuneScape has been a way to make money. The whole spur about RuneScape Gold started when Version Final covered a news story about a RuneScape player who could feed his child by playing RuneScape. The player earns RS Gold in the game and then starts selling the in-game Gold in exchange for real money. Soon after that, the Old School RuneScape players started harvesting RuneScape Gold, which has a small worth if we look at their real-world value. 

Virtual Gold
Virtual Gold is known to be a primary currency of RuneScape and is commonly known as RS gold. It is used to purchase all kinds of game equipment and services. Unsplash

Gold Framing or Just Farming is done by completing specific aims in the game that help a player accumulate a lot of in-game currency. The players can then sell the game profits outside the game, enabling them to earn money. 

Gold Farming became quite popular in Venezuela as the economic infrastructure has disrupted in the past few years. Almost every Venezuela player sells their in-game RS Gold in exchange for US Dollars or Cryptocurrency. Trading RS gold for other currencies is their way of securing any hyperinflation that can compromise their currency’s value. If you look at the US Dollar as a currency there, it is not difficult to find places where a person can spend US Dollars in Venezuela. According to a recent study, around 54% of the transactions are carried out in US Dollars in Venezuela. 

Many families in Venezuela claim to use RuneScape as a source of income in their difficult times. 

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Many people have been able to leave the country of Venezuela, thanks to its dropping economy. Flocks of Youth have been able to do that with the help of RS Gold.  

Venezuela’s crumbling economy’s primary reason is its political issue, which has increased further due to its resources’ mismanagement. The growing crisis is getting people more inclined towards gold farming. It is now a new surviving source for people trying their best to survive in the slow economy.