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The salwar has been tweaked over generations to suit the needs of women. Pixabay

Off screen, Janhvi Kapoor and Sara Ali Khan slay the salwar kameez look, setting a fashion statement that the new generation may otherwise consider ‘bygone’. Patialas and Palazzos may come and go, but there’s something evergreen about salwars, say style experts.

Mansi Gupta, Co-founder, Tjori, says the salwar has been tweaked over generations to suit the needs of women.

“The simple salwar was first made into the Patiala salwar, later they were made as dhoti salwar and then harem salwar or palazzo salwar…all these modifications to stay in the latest fashion trend. But it is a dynamically structured garment that shall never go out of fashion.

“Ask the average Indian women what would be their go to outfit when they have to go out or stay home, I can assure most of them will say a simple salwar kameez. The salwar is one of the very few Indian garments that hasn’t lost its ethnic value, and are forever,” Gupta told IANS.

Patialas and Palazzos may come and go, but there’s something evergreen about salwars, say style experts. Pixabay

In a latest on-screen stint, Sayani Gupta has been seen sporting salwars in “Article 15”. As Bollywood celebrities have quite an influence on driving the mass fashion narrative in the country, who knows the classic salwar may begin to be seen more frequently.

Sreyashee Halder, Design Head, W, said: “The comeback of salwars are inevitable – we can already see it becoming a hot favourite with designers and in the new age, the salwar will take a renewed form. We will see variations and innovations in that silhouette.

“Like in every fashion cycle – silhouettes and trends come back – this trend has also begun its journey back as it is going to be a refreshing change to the tight-fitted churidar. It also has its pros and cons and an extremely comfortable silhouette.”

She, however, feels that unlike a churidar which makes one look slim and tall, this silhouette is not as flattering. And so, “salwars will be back but may not stay for eternity”, she said.

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Natascha Tate, In-house Stylist, LimeRoad, says it is the ease to carry the attire that makes it an ideal choice in summer and autumn.

“It can be worn to office as well as makes for a cool brunch outing or a casual catch up with friends.” (IANS)


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