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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6: Performer to the Core (Tech Review)

Performance apart, the device also looks stunning in its metal and glass design. Interestingly, the tablet also features a dual rear camera (13+5MP). This 6GB RAM device offers 128GB internal memory


The demand for tablets shrank considerably as the screens of our smartphones got bigger and better, leading tablets to reinvent themselves as devices that go beyond their traditional appeal. Today they want to be your home entertainment device, and even a portable PC when you are on the go.

Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Tab S6, launched in India for Rs 59,900, is a major addition to all those devices that have been striving to replace your heavy laptop with a much lighter multi-purpose device.

Portability, of course, is a major factor and the Tab S6 weighs just 420 grams. So if you hold it in your hands or place it on your lap for hours, you won’t really feel the weight. Samsung Dex immediately creates a desktop environment. But to get the PC-like experience, you will have to get hold of the keyboard cover and pay some extra cash.

It comes with a dedicated key for Dex and a touchpad that makes typing much more convenient. It could, however, take you a little while to get into the groove of things.

Another advantage is that the keyboard cover comes in two parts — the keypad and the back cover which has a flap for removing the S pen, besides the kickstand. So when you are not using it as your PC, you can easily turn it into an entertainment device.

In fact, the 10.5-inch Super AMOLED display and sound quality of Tab S6 — powered by the quad speakers tuned by AKG and Dolby Atmos — is so good that you would wish you could mount it on a hard surface to align it with your vision. The 16:10 screen ratio makes it quite a breeze to read and watch videos for hours. Powered by the Snapdragon 855 chipset, the Tab S6 runs on Android 9.

But before you increase the volume to the maximum, you need to have your privacy because the tablet does not offer a headphone jack.

samsung, better selfie camera
Samsung declined to disclose its sales target for the new Note series, but said it expected to achieve higher sales volume than the predecessor Note 9 models. Pixabay

And if you are a movie buff or a gamer, this device could be your constant companion because of a powerful battery, power-saving features, and quick charge capability. Samsung has also devoted a lot of energy in improving the gaming experience on the Tab 6. The 7040mAh battery ensures that once the device is charged fully, it can run for days on moderate use.

The Galaxy Tab S6 gives users multiple unlocking options including face recognition and an on-screen optical fingerprint scanner. We found the face recognition feature fast and reliable, while the fingerprint scanner appeared a little clumsy at times.

The sleek tablet has a subtle indent at the back that can magnetically attach the S Pen. Once attached, the S Pen gets automatically charged.

The S Pen definitely makes jotting down quick notes and drawing much more convenient. With Bluetooth connection and Air Actions, the S pen lets you remotely open certain apps. But when you have Bixby to always help you on your command and you can also do everything with a touch, these fancy features do appear much less useful.

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Performance apart, the device also looks stunning in its metal and glass design. Interestingly, the tablet also features a dual rear camera (13+5MP). This 6GB RAM device offers 128GB internal memory.

Conclusion: With a sleek design, powerful processor, stunning display and gorgeous sound, the Galaxy Tab S6 gives the best of almost everything that an Android tablet offers. All these at a much lesser price than what the iPad Pro or the Surface Pro would cost you. (IANS)



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