Scientists Call for Swift Response to Protect North Atlantic Whales After Death of 6 Endangered Species in One Month

There are only a little more than 400 of the endangered species left

FILE - A North Atlantic right whale feeds on the surface of Cape Cod bay off the coast of Plymouth, Mass., March 28, 2018. VOA

Scientists, government officials and conservationists are calling for a swift response to protect North Atlantic right whales after a half-dozen died in the past month. All six of the dead endangered species have been found in the Gulf of St. Lawrence off Canada.

At least three appear to have died after being hit by ships.There are only a little more than 400 of the endangered species left. The deaths have led scientists to sound the alarm about a potentially catastrophic loss to the population.

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Some say the whales are traveling in different areas than usual because of food availability. That change has apparently brought whales outside of protected zones and left them vulnerable. (VOA)


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