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Second Edition of Delhi International Queer Theatre and Film Festival (DIQTFF) will showcase Films based on lives and issues of LGBTQI Communities

The DIQTTF prominently showcased the vulnerabilities and challenges faced by the LGBTQI in India

New Delhi, Dec 11, 2016: Highlighting the vulnerabilities faced by the LGBT communities in India, the second edition of Delhi International Queer Theatre and Film Festival (DIQTFF) here is showcasing a range of films and documentaries, among others.

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Organised jointly by Impulse New Delhi, AIDS Healthcare Foundation-India Cares and Harmless Hugs, the two-day theatre and film festival began on Saturday and is being held at NCUI Auditorium which is showcasing films, documentaries and theatre and dramas based on the lives and issues, ups and downs of the LGBTQI communities.

The festival witnessed many acclaimed queer movies and plays such as ‘In the Mood for Love’, ‘An Open Wind’, ‘Underneath the Makeup’, ‘That’s my boy’, ‘My Child is Gay’, ‘Boy Meets Boy’, ‘Pehchan’ by Asmita Theatre, ‘Libaas’ by Saitan Theatre Group and many more.

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The DIQTTF prominently showcased the vulnerabilities and challenges faced by the LGBTQI in India. The discussions highlighted the increasing level of stigma and discrimination faced by this community from the general population and society at large.

The DIQTTF is a platform for sensitizing the general public and the communities that are facing issues such as IPC section 377 which came into force in 1862 defines unnatural offences.

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“This theatre and film festival is definitely a good platform for the entire LGBT community. As the stigma, fear for the society, taboo is very much high in the LGBTQI community because of their sexual orientation. May be such kind of theatre and film festivals will give a ray of hope to the people who are in the closet,” Bismaya Kumar Raulo, programme coordinator, Impulse, said in a statement. (IANS)



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