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Special Selection Of Christmas-Themed Stories And Shows For Christmas

Grab a steaming mug of hot chocolate, candy canes, and recount your favorite Christmas stories

The holiday season is almost upon us, and like every year, this year too what’s in the store is a steaming mug of hot chocolate, candy canes, and recounting our favorite Christmas stories.

To help us get into the holiday spirit, here’s a special selection of Christmas-themed stories and shows. From timeless Christmas tales to mysteries with a holiday spin, these picks by Audible are great to tune into with loved ones and family.

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Christmas Shopaholic

In this classic title written by Sophie Kinsella, fan-favorite Becky is back amidst Christmas chaos. Christmas is just around the corner, the shop windows are sparkling, and the bargains beckon – Becky is in luck! But then Mama Bloomwood suddenly assigns her to organize the Christmas party, and everything goes wrong: Jessica, Becky’s half-sister, wants a vegan turkey, and the perfect gift for her husband Luke is only available in an exclusive gentlemen’s club. When Rich, Becky’s old flame and now a cool musician, moves to Letherby, the chaos knows no bounds! Join Becky on her tumultuous Christmas journey on Audible.

A Boy Called Christmas

You are about to listen to the true story of Father Christmas. It is a story that proves that nothing is impossible. If you are one of those people who believe that some things are impossible, you should put this book down right away. It is most certainly not for you. Because this audiobook is full of impossible things. A Boy Called Christmas is a tale of adventure, snow, kidnapping, elves, more snow, and an 11-year-old boy called Nikolas, who isn’t afraid to believe in magic. Listen to the magic of Christmas unfold around you, on Audible.

A Nancy Drew Christmas

christmas stories
Classic mystery series. IANS

Everyone’s favorite detective Nancy Drew finds herself a Christmas mystery in this super special 18th book of the Nancy Drew Diaries series, a fresh approach to the classic mystery series. While on holiday, Nancy witnesses something very suspicious through another hotel room window. And when she presses the concierge, she learns there have been mysterious break-ins throughout the hotel. But for all her plans, Nancy can’t find the source of the break-ins. Or the purpose. What’s worse the mood of the hotel has turned decidedly un-merry. People are leaving in droves, and the jolly hotel owner is worried about the hotel’s success. With all the odds stacked against her, can Nancy solve this crime in time to save Christmas? Or is this one Yuletide she’ll wish to forget?

Christmas Stories

This audio edition of Paulo Coelho’s Christmas Stories includes various Christmas tales written in the period between 1998-2008. The stories speak of the joy, generosity, humility, and small-yet-large miracles that we experience in our day-to-day lives.

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The Polar Express

A young boy boards a train and embarks on an extraordinary journey to the North Pole to meet Santa Claus. His life takes a turn after he encounters special people that make his journey memorable. This Christmas story tells the important message that the wonder of life never fades for those who believe. Available on Amazon Prime Video.

Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show

This holiday season, join Kacey Musgraves on THE KACEY MUSGRAVES CHRISTMAS SHOW, a holiday variety show featuring new songs and time-honored classics. Special guests include Camila Cabello, Kendall Jenner, James Corden, Lana Del Rey, the Radio City Rockettes, and many more. Kacey is sure to bring holiday cheer with this modern update on the classic holiday variety special. (IANS)



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