Thursday December 12, 2019

Sepsis Subtypes Identified, Different Remedies Stressed

A new study, by a team of researchers from University of Pittsburgh in the US, stresses the need of testing more therapies for the treatment of different types of sepsis

Influenza leads to serious and potentially life-threatening complications such as pneumonia, sepsis and heart disease, the study noted. VOA

Sepsis is not a single syndrome but multiple distinct conditions much like cancer, suggest researchers.

Sepsis is a life-threatening condition when the body’s response to an infection damages its own tissues and organs. The disease accounts for over 6 million global deaths annually.

A new study, by a team of researchers from University of Pittsburgh in the US, stresses the need of testing more therapies for the treatment of different types of sepsis.

“For over a decade, there have been no major breakthroughs in the treatment of sepsis; the largest improvements we’ve seen involve the enforcing of ‘one-size fits all’ protocols for prompt treatment,” said lead author Christopher Seymour, Associate Professor at University of Pittsburgh.

“But these protocols ignore that all sepsis patients are not the same. For a condition that kills over 6 million people annually, that’s unacceptable. Hopefully, by seeing sepsis as several distinct conditions with varying clinical characteristics, we can discover and test therapies precisely tailored to the type of sepsis each patient has,” Seymour remarked.

Sepsis is not a single syndrome but multiple distinct conditions much like cancer, suggest researchers.

For the study, published in Journal of the American Medical Association, researchers used computer algorithms to analyse 29 clinical variables found in the electronic health records of over 20,000 patients.

They noted that the algorithm clustered the patients into four different sepsis types, described as — Alpha (most common type (33 per cent), patients with least organ dysfunction and lowest in-hospital death rate at 2 per cent; Beta: older patients, comprising 27 per cent, with the most chronic illnesses and kidney dysfunction; Gamma: similar frequency as beta, but with elevated measures of inflammation and primarily pulmonary dysfunction; and Delta: least common (13 per cent), but most deadly type, often with liver dysfunction and shock, and the highest in-hospital death rate at 32 per cent.

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“Intuitively, this makes sense — you wouldn’t give all breast cancer patients the same treatment. Some breast cancers are more invasive and must be treated aggressively,” said senior author Derek Angus, Professor at the University.

“The next step is to do the same for sepsis that we have for cancer — find therapies that apply to the specific types of sepsis and then design new clinical trials to test them,” Angus said. (IANS)

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Morning Rituals to Keep your Skin Healthy

Morning routines for healthy skin

Morning skin
Here are tips to follow in the morning for a healthy and glowing skin. Lifetime Stock

After sleep has refreshed and healed your body, the morning hours can do wonders for your skin, if planned well.

Rajni Ohri, Founder, Ohria Ayurveda and Mohit Narang, Skincare expert, AVON gives tips on healthy morning rituals to keep your skin healthy.

Drink water

Start your day by drinking one glass of water. Nothing can work better than hydrating your skin right in the morning.


Never skip breakfast. In fact, your breakfast should be rich in nutrients and should include fruits, oats, multi-grain breads and dry fruits for a healthy body and skin.

Drink green tea or detox water to flush the body toxins away before taking a bath.

water morning
Drinking water in the morning can make your skin healthier. Lifetime Stock


Yoga is beneficial for the skin and the body. A 5-minute face yoga session will improve circulation, facilitating the delivery of oxygen and nutrients and relieve tension in the facial muscles.

Sarvangasana, chakrasana, dhanurasana, shirshasana are effective in increasing blood flow to the skin and removing toxins. Pranayam stimulates endocrine gland, oxygenate cells reducing stress, and improving blood flow for skin glow. Practice kapalbhati, bhastrika, and anulom-vilom.

Skincare rituals

Your morning skincare routine should include cleansing, moisturizing and protection. Use a cleanser that is rich in aloe vera and other skin-nourishing ingredients. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen when you step out.

Splash fresh rose water on face and eyes stored in a silver vessel.

In the morning, remove toxins accumulated in the body during sleep, oil pulling will detoxify, keep the facial skin healthy and is a good exercise for the mouth, jawline, and maintains perfect dental health.

Tongue cleaning to remove accumulated phlegm, according to ancient texts, helps you receive nutrients smoothly.

Remove your makeup before taking a bath. This will prevent the harsh rubbing of skin that can irritate the area around the eyes. This also ensures deeper cleansing of the skin.

Home Remedies

Apply a ‘mukh lepam’ before bathing for 10 minutes while you are doing your daily chores. Black lentil powdered and blended with warm milk or clarified butter is an idle morning team. On weekends highly recommended is a body scrub. Keep a body scrub powder made of orange peels, green gram, rice powder in a jar and mix it with milk and coconut oil, let it dry and scrub in the opposite direction and finally wash off.

On weekdays, preserve the skin’s moisture by dabbing shower oil on wet cleansed skin, natural cold-pressed oils in shower oil are very nourishing, softening and seal the natural moisture.

Yoga morning
Yoga should be a part of your morning routine to improve your health. Lifetime Stock

Use face masks for glowing skin. You can use a turmeric, besan or gram flour face pack for brighter and clearer skin. You can also use a tomato or potato peel to get rid of red and tanned skin.

Facial exercises

Thirty minutes before a shower, d’ facial exercises. ‘Kiss the ceiling’ is the best wa� to tone’almost all facial muscles, ‘pinching’ the jawline and neck is another very beneficial exercise to remove stiffness, improve blood flow to the skin.

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Self-massage before bath also moisturizes the skin and gives a beautiful sheen.


Bring a warm natural glow to the skin by removing negative emotions, toxins from your mind. (IANS)