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Connecting with one's spirituality. Pixabay
  • Purpose, good faith, motivation and drive, help from one’s support system are the major needs to recover oneself and get back on the track of a healthy and happy life
  • The spiritual journey involves building a relationship with God, and understanding how he loves us and guides us

June 27, 2017: There are times when one feels detached and lonely even when spending time with friends and family. One disconnects himself from the people who care about him and his passions which provide him with pleasure; then suffers from negative feelings and sheer frustration. This affects the wellbeing of the person, his relationships, and his ability to function well.

There are periods when in the days of early adulthood, one isolates himself from his surroundings completely. Building one’s thoughts on the foundation of grudges and emotions, one enables himself to be present in all situations physically, but not mentally. One overlooks the bright side of things and drowns himself in depression therefore. Failing to see changes in one’s life, post prayers and faith, provokes a person question faith and even his sanity at times.

Purpose, good faith, motivation and drive, help from one’s support-system are the major needs to recover oneself and get back on the track of a healthy and happy life. One needs to connect with his spirituality, not give up on and believe in God to connect with his self and let go of what weighs him down. Once you can accept and devote your faith to spirituality, life will not put you down anymore!

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Here are the five signs that reveal that you need to connect with your spirituality-

Refusal on Forgiveness

Refusing to forgive and holding a grudge for life, robs one person off his inner peace, gives birth to bitterness, and pushes him farther away from God. People will always hurt us and let us down, but we must always believe that God will carry us through and lead us to better times; which connects us with our spirituality.

Losing Faith on Prayer

Maybe we say claim that we believe and we have faith. At troubled times, we even pray for a change and enlightenment. But when time passes without a change, one begins to lose faith and starts questioning it; he doubts whether God is listening indeed. But the truth is that God listens and he does help- only at the right time, provided we are patient enough to go through the suffering and learning. Praying to the almighty is the act of ‘believing without seeing’, which is the ultimate faith that pays.

Admittance of Mistakes and Assuming Responsibilities

Not admitting one’s mistakes makes life empty. We have been created to support and help one another, and not destroy one another. Nobody is void of flaws. Hence, when we commit a mistake we should admit it, learn from it, ask for forgiveness and move forward.

Passing Judgments

Picking one another’s faults and errs is not God’s way to communicate. Judging people is only a method to sway our attentions and also to postpone admittance of our own mistakes. God wants us to love each other like he loves each of us. That is the way to connect with our spirituality.

Lack of Spiritual Understanding

It is a bit difficult to understand what spirituality conveys and portrays. It is more than just praying to God. It includes believing the best in people, having faith and genuinely wanting the best for others, not being judgmental, accepting other’s flaws and so much more.

The spiritual journey involves building a relationship with God, and understanding how he loves us and guides us.

Connecting with our spirituality is immensely important for our soul. It provides us with joy once we embrace it. Getting in touch with one’s spirituality is the knowledge of having a relationship with the father in heaven, and there cannot be any better knowledge to lead a beautiful life.

– by Antara Kumar of NewsGram. Twitter: @ElaanaC


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