7 Signs You’re Ready for a Career Change

Know what is bothering you about your career

Career Change
Here are seven signs you’re ready for a career change. Unsplash

There comes a time in every hardworking professional’s life when they need to decide whether to stick with their career or move on. While your job might have once filled you with much passion and excitement, you might suddenly feel an urge to pursue another position in the same or a different industry.

If you’re unsure about the best path to take, here are seven signs you’re ready for a career change.

1. You’ve Stopped Learning

If you’ve achieved every necessary qualification, mastered every topic, and gained extensive industry experience, it might be time to change occupations. If you love to learn and believe there is no room left to grow, ask for a promotion or to work towards a senior position.

For example, a registered nurse could enroll in a post masters fnp certificate program to become a family nurse practitioner. It will allow them to transfer their nursing skills into a new role with different responsibilities and challenges. Also, they’ll have an opportunity to increase their knowledge and learn new skills to improve the health of patients, families, and communities.

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2. You’re Bored

If you believe you could complete every task with your eyes closed, you might need a new challenge. If you love your job but are bored at work, ask your employer for more challenging tasks to complete, which could take some of the pressure off their shoulders. You also could apply for a role at another company, which could provide a different working environment, higher employee expectations, and new projects to tackle.

3. A Business is Struggling

If a company has reported falling profits, has started making redundancies, or is closing sites, it is a big indication that they are struggling financially. While you might love your current role and want to remain loyal to the brand, you must put your job security first to avoid financial hardship. It might be time to find a job elsewhere instead of waiting for the company to go under.

4. Your Job Doesn’t Match Your Financial Goals

If you have reached your earning potential in your current role, you might be considering moving on in your career to increase your annual salary. While the job might have helped you to gain industry experience, it might now be stopping you from reaching your financial goals, such as buying your first home, growing your savings, and increasing your retirement fund. 

Career Change
Improve your education, look for a role elsewhere, or seek a promotion at your current company. Unsplash

You could, however, increase your annual salary by:

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5. You’re Not Using Your Skills

If you have developed many skills at university or throughout your career, it is natural you might feel disheartened if you’re not using them in your current role. While your current boss might not value your knowledge and expertise, another employer could view your skillset as a business asset. Finding a job elsewhere could help you to enjoy greater job satisfaction and maintain your passion for industry throughout the years.

6. You’re Envious of Others

Do you often feel envious of others when they talk about their careers? If so, you might need to identify why you are a tad jealous, as they could have a great work-life balance, passion for an industry, or many daily responsibilities. It could help you to pinpoint what you’re looking for in a role, and you could then aim to find a career that complements your needs. 

7. You’re Counting the Days to the Weekend

If you dread the sound of the alarm or count down the days to the weekend, it is a sign you are no longer enjoying your job. Life is too short for a role you dislike, which is why you might need to increase your skills to enter a career that will make you excited to go to work every day. While returning to school, enrolling in a degree program, or applying for a vacancy might be a little daunting, it could change your life for the better. 

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If you are struggling with one or more of the above problems, it might be time to consider finding a job elsewhere or switching occupations. It could increase your knowledge, improve your annual salary, and allow you to enjoy a more rewarding working life. To do so, you might need to improve your education, look for a role elsewhere, or seek a promotion at your current company.

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