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Sindhi Sangat of Sindh Condemns PEMRA’s Decision of Banning all old Christian TV Channels in Pakistan


Hyderabad (Pakistan), November 21, 2016: Chairman Sindhi Sangat Sindh Mansoor Khaskheli has strongly condemned PEMRA’s decision of banning all decade old Christian TV channels in Pakistan and crackdown against cable operators. Sindhi Sangat Sindh termed it Human rights violation and demands government immediately lifts the ban from all Christian TV channels.

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In a statement, central chairman of the Sindhi Sangat Sindh Mansoor Khaskheli has said that religious extremist fanatics are allowed to spread Jihadi doctrine on Pakistan’s TV channels but ban on Christian TV channels have been imposed by Pemra in Pakistan at the near time of Christmas celebration.

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PEMRA’s decision shows government’s double standard against religious minorities. Religious minorities Christians and Hindus are worst victims of religious extremism and they also have been victimized by the government. Sindhi Sangat Sindh termed it Human rights violation and demands government immediately lifts the ban from all Christian TV channels.

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Sindhi Sangat Sindh also appeals to the government to immediately release Asia Bibi, a Christian mother of five who was sentenced to death in 2010 on accusations of blasphemy. Sindhi Sangat Sindh strongly condemns misuse of blasphemy law in Pakistan against religious minorities Christians and Hindus.



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