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Brain's memory can be affected by Depression and Anxiety. Pixabay
  • Sleep spindles can help in retaining new memories
  • These spindles are few seconds for oscillatory bursts
  • This can help in understanding cognitive processes of the human brain

Want to strengthen your cognitive skills regarding any relevant information? Sleep spindles can help you in retaining new memories related to any newly learned information when you sleep.

This research can help in understanding human cognitive processes. Pixabay

Sleep spindles are half-second to two-second bursts of oscillatory brain activity — occurring during non-rapid eye movement sleep stages two and three — and measured in the 10 to 16 Hertz range on an electroencephalogram (EEG). Previous researches had shown that the number of spindles during the night could predict a person’s memory the next day.

“While it has been shown previously that targeted memory reactivation can boost memory consolidation during sleep, we now show that sleep spindles might represent the key underlying mechanism,” said Bernhard Staresina, post-doctoral student at the University of Birmingham.

“Thus, direct induction of sleep spindles — for example, via transcranial electrical stimulation — perhaps combined with targeted memory reactivation, may enable us to further improve memory performance while we sleep.”

For the study, published in the journal Current Biology, the researchers devised an experiment in which people learned to associate particular adjectives with particular objects and scenes.

Sleep spindles can cause better memory.

Some study participants then took a 90-minute nap after their study session, whereas others stayed awake. While people napped, the researchers cued those associative memories and unfamiliar adjectives. The results showed that the memory cues led to an increase in sleep spindles. Interestingly, the EEG patterns during spindles enabled the researchers to discern what types of memories — objects or scenes — were being processed.

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“Our data suggest that spindles facilitate processing of relevant memory features during sleep and that this process boosts memory consolidation,” he said. Also, the new understanding of the way the brain normally processes and strengthens memories during sleep may help to explain how that process may go wrong in people with learning difficulties, the researchers added. IANS


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An illustration of the nursery rhyme, Jack and Jill

A hilarious rhyme that children often chant cheerily while jumping around, Jack and Jill is another example of the dark history covered up in light-hearted rhyme. Instead of England though, this is a rhyme that sheds light on the history of France.

Unlike other rhymes, the rhyme is part fiction and part history, since only the first two lines can be taken as an allusion to the past.

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Photo by Boxed Water Is Better on Unsplash

What about picnics by waterfalls and long, rambling walks to discover unexplored lakes? That's just the thing about mountains.

Tired of waking up to the usual alarm? How about starting your mornings with the sounds of birds chirping instead, with the added bonus of lush, green afternoons, and nights spent under brightly lit skies? What about picnics by waterfalls and long, rambling walks to discover unexplored lakes? That's just the thing about mountains. You won't know the wonders you can come across, or the experiences you can have. All of this makes the mountains the perfect escape from the city.

Here are some suggestions from Airbnb with stays and experiences that can set the backdrop for the perfect mountainous holiday.

Seclude Ramgarh -- Grishma- Nainital
Forget finding shapes in clouds, learn what it's like to live in them instead. At 4900 feet above the ground, your head will indeed be in the clouds at this secluded stay in Ramgarh. The hill station boasts of a cool climate throughout the year, and with plenty of outdoor areas, balconies, and large windows, you can make the most of the idyllic weather. Seclude Ramgarh is also home to a large common fire pit to warm up your evenings and make it a truly immersive experience.

boat on sea near mountain under white clouds and blue sky during daytime At 4900 feet above the ground, your head will indeed be in the clouds at this secluded stay in Ramgarh. | Photo by Anubhav Rana on Unsplash

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Photo by Anupam Mahapatra on Unsplash

Regular physical exercise may significantly enhance your quality of life.

Physical activity or exercise may help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and lower your chances of acquiring many illnesses. Regular physical exercise may significantly enhance your quality of life. So, start your day off right with these workouts that incorporate strength and flexibility.


woman in white sports bra and black leggings stretching

Begin by stretching your muscles | Photo by Chalo Garcia on Unsplash

Start extending your arms and feel your whole body stretch from the soles of your feet to the tip of your fingers. Take three to four long, deep breaths to calm yourself. Keep stretching for about 2-3 minutes


person planking on floor

Planking helps to maintain balance and coordination. | Photo by Sergio Pedemonte on Unsplash

Take a pushup posture, with the weight of the body resting on the forearms, elbows, and toes. It is important to have the arms exactly below your shoulders, with your whole body in a straight line and your back straight. Hold the same posture for 30 seconds and repead thrice in total.


man in white tank top and gray shorts doing pushup

Pushups help in building upper body strength. | Photo by Fortune Vieyra on Unsplash

Place your hands approximately 36 inches apart on the floor while keeping your body at arms' length. Lower your chest nearly to the floor when you take a breath in and exhale. Taking a deep breath out, push your upper body back up to the beginning position while tightening your chest muscles. Do 3 sets with atleast 8 pushups in each set.

Mountain Climber

Man in black shirt and shots doing exrecise

The mountain climber really is a full-body exercise. | Flickr

Take a top press-up position, weight on hands and toes, arms straight, legs extended. Bring one knee to your chest, then return it to the starting position. Rep with your opposite leg, then alternate legs throughout. Do 3 sets with 12 repititions in each set.

Jumping Jacks

woman in black dress standing on beach during daytime

Jumping Jacks are a basic, easy-to-do exercise that can be done anywhere and at any time. | Photo by Rodrigo dos Reis on Unsplash

Stand with your legs together, your knees slightly bent, and your hands resting on your thighs. Open the arms and legs out to the sides, keeping the knees bent. Arms extend beyond the shoulders, and legs broader than the shoulders. Return to your starting position by bringing your arms and legs back to your sides. You can do jumping jacks as fast as you can and for as many minutes you wish.

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