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People at times queue up at their favourite eateries, but what about an unending queue of food delivery boys?

At the Bawarchi restaurant in Hyderabad, which receives nearly 2,000 orders a day, Zomato food delivery personnel can be seen forming long queues almost daily, waiting for their turn to pick up orders.

The Bawarchi restaurant is famous for its Biryani preparations not just in India but all over the world.

And what’s the reason behind these long queues of delivery personnel? The answer lies in the annual report of Zomato that states small towns are going big in ordering food on the platform.

Delivery man Ujjwal Singhal working with the food delivery app Swiggy carries an order to a customer in New Delhi, India, Feb. 6, 2019. (Representational image). VOA

While Ooty has registered the highest average transaction value, Manipal has the highest delivery frequencies among all cities on Zomato.

In Alwar, someone requested 292 deliveries from 48 different restaurants, while in Jaipur, a delivery worth Rs 1.84 lakh was made in 415 boxes.

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“We now operate the service in over 200 cities in India, up from 15 cities in FY18, and made nearly 33 million deliveries in March 2019,” the report said.

“We earlier thought food delivery will only be a niche market in Tier 1 cities. But then, we decided to test a small town with a only 150k people. Now, we have set our eyes on launching in 1,000 cities in India,” the report said. (IANS)



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