Soldiers trapped under snow near Line of Control in Kashmir, 5 rescued

(Representation image) Border Security Force (BSF ) in Kashmir region, Wikimedia

Kashmir, Jan 29, 2017: An army patrol was trapped under snow on Saturday near the Line of Control in north Kashmir’s Kupwara district. Three out of the five soldiers have been rescued and the search for the remaining was on, police said.

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The incident comes just days after two avalanches hit a military post and a patrol along the Line of Control, killing 15.

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The RR party was on routine patrol when the mishap occurred, police added.

Kashmir has seen heavy snow this week and authorities had warned of the “high danger” of avalanches. Power and communication lines are also down in some areas.

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Officials evacuated dozens of residents from high-risk areas after authorities issued an avalanche warning in many parts of the region. (IANS)