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Foot care is one of the ignored but most important aspect of our overall health. Pixabay.
  • Feet are the most important part of our body
  • They go through a lot of wear and tear and are subject to infection, pains, etc.
  • Foot care is very important for our over all health

The most important part that bears it all and carries it all, is hence subjected to the maximum wear and tear. Feet go through a lot of woes including pains, sweating, fungal infections, warts, ingrown toenails, corns, calluses, bunions, blisters. Except for some people who take care of their feet to beautify themselves, it is one of those parts taken for granted, by both men and women.

Feet diseases can occur because of injuries or other bodily diseases. Bacterial and fungal infections too can occur as feet are usually maintained in a dank and damp enclosure. A commonly known fungal disease, athlete’s foot, is one such condition that occurs due to poorly maintained feet.

Foot health should be a concern for everyone. Pixabay

Foot Care Tips

Choose the right footwear

An ideal footwear is one that is” not-ill-fitting and only comfortable”. The ideal footwear should cushion the feet without squeezing it excessively and distribute the entire weight of body onto both the soles. The features described are best found in a shoe with a rounded or boxy toe area and a modest heel at the most. But in the modern world, women often find themselves in high heels. Women hold the highest record of foot abuse by wearing medically unrecommended foot coverings since time known. It causes various deformities and conditions including bunions, calluses, corns, in growing nails etc. These even change the alignment of pelvic bones leading to an unfavorable impact during childbirth.The minute you experience heel pain while wearing those stylish shoes, do not take the extra effort in continuing to wear them but only in discarding them.

Choosing right footwear is very important fro foot health. Pixabay

Disease alert: Diabetic foot care

If you are a person with diabetes, check your feet regularly for any injury or ulcer. Timely intervention in such cases is always a great help.

Senior citizens? Take extra care

As you age your ability to fight diseases declines if you do not take the appropriate steps to equip your body with the right armor. Older age people might have nerve damage and reduced blood circulation. This might lead to an altered sensation in the feet. Visit your physician/ podiatrist regularly and take extra care of your feet if you fall in this category

Quit smoking

It is important to add foot problems too to that long list of problems due to smoking. Smoking can reduce the blood circulation in feet.

Smoking can be really dangerous for our foot health.

Promote blood circulation to your feet

Massage your feet gently and regularly. Avoid wearing tight-fitting shoes. Keep changing positions while sitting for long hours to avoid diminished blood circulation.

Foot care should not be a cursory affair

Consider foot health as part of your everyday routine. Wash them every day. Soak them in warm water (with soap too) for ten minutes on a weekly basis (at the least). This helps in cleaning the skin and nails and in maintaining soft skin.

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Moisturization is sought by feet too. Do not forget to rub some petroleum free moisturizer on feet. It prevents cracks and dry skin.

Nail care

Trim your nails regularly.

Taking care of our nails is just as equally important for our foot health. Pixabay


Never walk barefoot, always wear clean footwear and try not to share your footwear with anyone else.

The after effect of reading this message should not be “I will do it from tomorrow”. Do it now. Sometimes the “later” or “tomorrow ” becomes “never”. Same Condition

Foot care: Solutions for Foot problems


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