South African professor writes book on Hinduism


Durban: Dr Thillayvel Naidoo of Durban North who worked for the department of science at the University of Kwazulu-Natal conducted more than six decades of research on the Hindu religion. The religion approximately is more than five thousand years old.

He has launched several books in the past, came up with his latest book entitled “Three canons to religious intelligence”, which is a definite read for the young generation as well as the religious scholars and spiritual leaders.

Naidoo has given many lectures on Hinduism and written and published many books on Hinduism before. He said, “The book is my interpretation of three of the most outstanding scriptures produced by the Hindu religion. My reason for writing the book is to express the fact that I regard the three scriptural texts as the greatest the world has produced. The three canons are the Upanishads, the Bhagwad Gita, the Brahma Sutras. I am perfectly happy to explain this to any person or group of people who have a genuine interest in religion. The condition, however, is that people must understand that I can only discuss my position if people are willing to discuss to religion intelligently and not turn the discussion into an argument or sparring session.”

Religious intelligence has also been extended to several other religions practiced in South Africa. Naidoo said, “My own life has been based on my belief that religion must make sense to me first before I extend that interest in talking to and teaching other people. It is important  to know how Hinduism began in India before it arrived in South Africa and other parts of the world.”

“My book presents my interpretation of the spiritual message of Hinduism in a very modern context and I would like very much of the message of Bhagavan Sri Krishna to be better understood by all people. I place emphasis on Bhagavan Sri Krishan who I regard as the greatest of the world’s religious teachers”, said Naidoo.(Inputs from agencies)