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We’re all very familiar with gambling websites and online casinos, where you can do anything from betting on sports events. Pixabay

While this may sound strange to most people residing outside of the United States, Sports
Betting has been mostly illegal in the US up until this point. People living in Europe have been gambling on their favorite teams and sport event for decades now, with the possibility to do it legally in proper physical facilities or online, thanks to a wide variety of websites offering such possibility.

Online casinos might have actually played a big part in the legalization of betting in the US,
with a non-defined number of people resorting to online gambling through proxies and
localization softwares while actually living in the United States. If you can’t fight them, join
them. That’s something that has become a fairly common trend when it comes to
depenalization or legalization of anything, from recreational substances, to betting, or even
drugs, surprisingly producing positive effects in a number of occasions.

We’re all very familiar with gambling websites and online casinos, where you can do anything from betting on sports events, to playing table games or slots. While safe and working to avoid any sort of malfunction, in accordance to the strict laws they’re required to abide by, it is hard to imagine that all of such websites in the world could possibly detect all of the US users – especially the most digitally prolific ones – who were using proxies in order to get access to legal sports betting.

Representational image. Pixabay

Apart from this, black market bookies have always been a problem in the US, much like black market moonshiners used to be back in the Prohibition Era, and legalizing sports betting aims to reduce the number of people conducting this kind of shady business, especially considering that such individuals are often associated to bigger criminal organizations, and can be very dangerous to their clients.

It will be interesting to follow the situation, especially with NFL season kicking off, and see
how this shift in American laws and regulations will impact the markets and courtrooms.
After all, as any new business, it is up for grabs, with casinos looking to expand their markets, and new competitors trying to enter the world of sports betting. It will also be interesting to see how this reflects on all the international players offering online betting, and the possibility of some of them entering the US territory.

Finally, it will be interesting to see whether or not this is favorably going to impact the US
justice system, perhaps reducing the number of illicit activities related to betting, with players moving to safer, more enjoyable and reliable, sources of entertainment.


Photo by Manisa Mitpaibul on Unsplash

The R&D team at ITC Savlon, shares some tips to maximize hygiene and ensure germ-free cleaning this Diwali.

With Diwali comes the yearly ritual of disinfectingand deep-cleaning our homes. However, your basic cleaning ritual might not be sufficient to the changing needs of the environment we live in. If the deadly viruses around us have taught anything, disinfection should be as much a goal in our regular cleaning, rather than just the basic visible cleanliness. Therefore, it becomes necessary to know the right way of cleaning and disinfectinghomes that lends itself to a responsible celebration. While we plan to welcome Goddess Lakshmi by cleaning and decorating our living spaces inside out, we should be aware of those corners that are prone to infections, diseases and require our special attention.

The R&D team at ITC Savlon, shares some tips to maximize hygiene and ensure germ-free cleaning this Diwali:

Clean your Kitchen
As the excitement builds for us to be able to open our houses to guests and have the kitchen work overtime to put out scrumptious meals, do spend a moment on considering thorough kitchen disinfection. Bear in mind that the multiple ways in which we use our home kitchen carry with it the burden of microbes that can cause infections.

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Wikimedia Commons

A painting of Raja Birbal, as he was known

Birbal, an intelligent and witty man, was a beloved courtier to Emperor Akbar. He was one of the youngest men of the court, who had the greatest influence on the ruler. Despite his Hindu background, he supported the Mughal ruler and even adopted Din-i-ilahi towards the end of his life. He died in a battle that he led against a rebel army. He belonged to the precious nine courtiers of Akbar's court known as the Navratnas (nine gems).

Born as Mahesh Das, Birbal was renamed in Akbar's court. He solved many petty issues with his wit and is known as a man of practical wisdom. He lives on today in the literature that shapes children's formative years, in application comedy for adults, and in folktales for everyone else. His wisdom is so unique and so practical that it does not take too much to understand it. At the same time, it is not something that can be easily emulated.

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Photo by Diane Picchiotino on Unsplash

Mass graves marked by individual crosses

Just as much as man has evolved from the time of the nomads, his practices and rituals have grown more and more sophisticated. With time, things that once were just formalities have acquired ritual significance and are observed in solemnity. Death was once something that marked the end, but now is an important life change event that is memorialized. Some people come alive only after death.

In nomadic times, men buried their dead companions or family along the route they traveled. They would place a stone or any heavy object over it, to prevent the soil from becoming loose around the body, or to keep it safe from scavengers. This practice is no longer followed as the animal kingdom and man's world have become distinct from each other.

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