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"I was always fascinated with acting and really wanted to become an actor, but at the same time, it always felt like a far-fetched dream," Srishti said. Pinterest

Srishti Jain, who is currently playing the lead role in the show Hamari Wali Good News, says becoming an actor felt like a far-fetched dream.

“I was always fascinated with acting and really wanted to become an actor, but at the same time, it always felt like a far-fetched dream. Owing to the fact that I belong to a family of engineers and doctors, my family was always very sceptical of the industry,” she said.

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“My father got a job in Mumbai, and we shifted. I felt like destiny has bought me closer to my dream. That’s when I built up the courage to talk to my parents. I wona¿t lie, it took some time but eventually they agreed. I guess they realised how passionate I was about acting,”

she added.

Her struggle didn’t end there.

“The real struggle began when I started auditioning, I knew nothing about the industry or how to go about things. I can account for at least three years of countless auditions while managing my college and lectures. I remember I would travel by metro in those days. It wasn’t easy and there were times when people around me laughed at me, they would taunt me for being stupid and chasing after something that wasn’t guaranteed,” she recalled.

“My father got a job in Mumbai, and we shifted. I felt like destiny has bought me closer to my dream,” shared Srishti. Pinterest

“When I got my first break, I quit design college. That was a huge decision and I was advised against it by everyone, but my parents supported me. Today, I’m glad I took that step, I wouldn’t have been here today without that. Then I pursued my graduation in psychology through correspondence while shooting for my show. God has been great to me and I’m very thankful,” Srishti said.

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Talking about her show and her role of Navya, Srishti said: “The show is very interesting. It’s unique, fresh and progressive. Navya is a girl-next-door, she’s strong-headed and believes in standing up for what’s right and voicing her opinion. She’s full of life. She got married quite early because of family pressure. She’s 23 years old and is still a child at heart. But at the same time, she’s mature. She’s always happy and never really gets upset. She also loves everyone.” (IANS)


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Tamil Nadu will host the national blind football tournament for men and women.

Tamil Nadu will host the national blind football tournament for men and women from October 27-30. This is the first time the state is playing host to the national blind football tournament.

The state has formed a blind football team for men only in 2018, and, in 2019 the Tamil Nadu blind football association commenced functioning.

The founder of the TN Blind football association, GR Bharathiraja, while speaking to IANS said, "While we were late in establishing a team and forming an association, we have not lagged behind in training, and a good team is now arranged. We are hosting the national football championship for the blind in both men's and women's categories from October 27."

This is the first time a national-level women's blind football tournament is being conducted while this will be the sixth national blind football tournament for men.

The teams are coached by Francis Sebastian who is an acclaimed blind football coach and he said that the tournament was slated for 2023 but the associations put pressure on the national office-bearers and have made the tournament possible in 2021 itself.

Sebastian, while speaking to IANS, said, "While both the men's and women's teams are performing extremely well, we need more support from sponsors as well as the general public. In the northeastern states of the country, blind football is popular in villages and we are planning to make it popular among the masses of Tamil Nadu, and for that, we need more support and patronage."

The state association, as a first step, is planning to introduce football in every blind school of the state and to train coaches for the same. The blind football association also wants to divide the state into five zones with each zone comprising of some districts and to decentralise the coaching programme so that the game is introduced across the state.

Bharathiraja and Sebastian have said that infrastructural problems are plaguing the game and that the team does not have a playing ground of its own, but the passion for the game is pulling the organisers, players, and coach forward. (IANS/JB)

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Japan launched its new satellite, QZS-1R.

Japan has successfully launched a new navigation satellite into orbit that will replace its decade-old navigation satellite.

The satellite, QZS-1R, was launched onboard an H-2A rocket that lifted off from the Tanegashima Space Center at 10.19 p.m. on Monday night, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries said in a statement.

The company builds and operates H-2A rockets the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA).

QZS-1R is a replacement for Quasi-Zenith Satellite System 1 satellite first launched in 2010. “It was a really beautiful launch," the company said in a tweet after a successful lift-off.

"H-IIA F44 flight proceeded nominally. Approximately 28 minutes 6 seconds after launch, as planned, the payload separated from the launch vehicle," the statement said.

The official QZSS website lists four satellites in the constellation: QZS-1, QZS-2, QZS-3 and QZS-4, reported.

The QZSS constellation will eventually consist of a total of seven satellites that fly in an orbit passing through a near-zenith (or directly overhead) above Japan, and QZS-R1 is meant to share nearly the same transmission signals as recent GPS satellites, according to JAXA.

It is specially optimised for mountainous and urban regions in Japan, JAXA said.

Mitsubishi's H-2A 202 rocket launch system has been operational since 2003 and has sent satellites to locations such as Venus (Akatsuki) and Mars (Emirates Mars Mission).

The latest H2-A rocket launch is the first since November 29, 2020, when Japan launched an advanced relay satellite with laser communications tech into orbit, the report said. (IANS/JB)

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Fireworks light up the night sky

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The original connotation one makes with fireworks in China. The elaborate Chinese celebrations with dragons and zapping firecrackers have left their mark in human memory, but the use of fireworks is not limited to heralding the Chinese New Year. All over the world, fireworks have come to symbolise the ultimate celebration. During Diwali in India, this spirit is re-ignited every year.

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