‘Stay Alive’: The Mute Psychological Film on Depression Releases on July 25

Depression is neither seen nor heard, it is just felt with silent cries

Stay Alive
STAY Alive Film Poster

– by Naina Mishra

Chandigarh, July 25, 2017: ‘Stay Alive’, the mute psychological movie starring Shweta Sharma as the protagonist is all set to be released today. The eight-minute long mute film will highlight the traumatic effects of a depressive person. Needless to say, depression is a sensitive issue which needs an awareness.

Shweta Sharma is the lead actress in the movie Stay Alive

Shweta Sharma told Newsgram, “I am very optimistic about the response from the audience. It will connect with them psychologically. Although it is eight minutes film, every minute of it accentuates the afflictions of depression”.

The actress has done street plays for social message financed by the world bank. She has also been an active member of NGO “Aashrey”.

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Newsgram is the official media partner with “STAY ALIVE” directed by Amit Chauhan Film Co. The film has also been selected for Singapore International Film Festival, Lexus short films, and Downturn Urban Arts Films Festival.

Amit Chauhan is also working on the pre production of Hindi feature film titled as “Hell Kite”.

Depression is neither seen nor heard, it is just felt with silent cries. Not just that, in the recent times, it has become more of an epidemic. This is also the main reason why Amit Chauhan chose to display depression without the use of words. Because in reality, depression cannot be described in words.

-by Naina Mishra of Newsgram. Twitter @Nainamishr94

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