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Stereotypes of Gender Roles Hinder Individuality

Unequal or unfair treatment to people because of their gender


We all are aware of how society plays an important role in all our lives. Our life is bonded with norms of the society, these norms are strange at times. Some of them have been followed for ages and make no sense at this point in time. If we want to give them a name, stereotypical notions would be a perfect one.

One of such stereotypes is how people decide what a person should or should not do on the basis of their gender. A judgment or bias is passed on to the people who do not follow these, there exists unequal or unfair treatment to people because of their gender.

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Personality Bias

Generally, women are expected to be feminine, emotional, patient, understanding, sensible, must adjust as per the situation is. Whereas, men are expected to be masculine in nature, aggressive, confident, productive, physically strong, must not cry because crying is considered to be a feminine trait.

If a woman is harsh, aggressive, and not emotional then she is considered on the bad side of society. If a man cries or is scared of anything then he is judged to be a weak person.

Domestic Behaviors Bias

A lot of people believe that women are meant to be at home. The life of a woman is defined by marriage and being a good wife and mother. Clean, cook, and take care of children. Whereas men are meant to go out and work and earn money to spend on his family.

Gender Roles
Men must not cry because crying is considered to be a feminine trait. Unsplash

Anybody who does this differently is judged to be modernized and what an individual wants from his or her own life is never valued. Society always defines us from our behavior which is decided by society itself.

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Occupation Bias

Some people are quick to judge others on their career choice which is again connected with their gender. Women are believed to be incapable of doing certain jobs like pilots, engineers, managers, CEOs, etc. They are judged to be weaker and fit for the jobs of teachers and or nurses. Whereas men are also judged for taking up anything which is believed to be feminine. Such as cooking, hospitality, cleaning, etc. They are meant to earn more in the eyes of society.

Physical Appearance Bias

Women are always expected to be dressed decently, sit decently, and look beautiful. They must be fair, slim, and graceful. They are not allowed to wear any kind of dress which reveals their body. Women who do not follow this are judged to be uncultured. Beautifying women is the most common stereotype, make-up has become a woman’s most important part of life even in the 21st century. Men are expected to be tall, muscular, and must dress in a bold way. A man who is interested in beauty is judged to be feminine.

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Well, these stereotypes hurt different people in different ways. It makes people suffer under their own skin. It makes them not to be and believe in themselves. The relationship between people very difficult and complicated. Might result in an inferiority complex in few individuals. Mental health has countless effects because of such stereotypes. In curtness, we never know what an individual is going through, so never judge!



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