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Stories Behind the 8 Avatars Of Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha is said to be the “God of the Beginning”

Be it any custom or the start of anything fresh, nothing begins without worshiping Lord Ganesha as He is said to be the “God of the Beginning”. Ganesha has likewise taken various incarnations to protect the world from evil. As per religious history and discoveries, Lord Ganesha took various avatars to wipe out evils that demolished tranquility on Earth.

Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu had taken numerous incarnations, similarly, Lord Ganesha had also taken various avatars.

These 8 avatars of Lord Ganesha are symbols of shielding individuals from 8 sorts of doshas – Kaam, Krodh, Mad, Lobh, Matsar, Moh, Ahankara, and Agyana.

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1. Ekdant

This incarnation of Lord Ganesha was liable for killing the Rakshasa Madasur who turned into the ground-breaking devil and began irritating the Gods. At the point when all the Gods revered Lord Ganesha for saving them, he incarnated as Ekdant.

2. Vakratunda

Lord Ganesha took this avatar to slaughter the Matsrasur. Being a dedicated devotee of Lord Shiva, Matsrasur was blessed with ‘fearlessness’ against any living creature on the planet. With Devguru Shukracharya’s authorization, Matsrasur began harassing and tormenting the Gods.

8 Avatars Of Lord Ganesha To Destroy The Evil
Ganesha defeated the Asura named Lobhasura by taking the avatar of Gajanan. Unsplash

3. Gajanana or Gajavaktra

Gajanan avatar of Ganesha defeated the Asura named Lobhasura. The gods, tyrannized by his demonic rule, approached sage Raibhya who helped them to pray to Lord Gajanana. Lord Vishnu then went to Lobhasur as a messenger of Lord Ganesha, apprising the demon of the latter’s strength. Convinced by his words, the demon surrendered without putting up war as per an article on VedicFeed.

4. Lambodar

At the time of Samudra Manthan, when God Vishnu had taken the form of Mohini; Lord Shiva got attracted to her. He had ej**ulated that time and a devil called Krodhasur was born. Krodhasur worshiped to Sun, and back in blessing, he received the power to rule the world. The gods undertook recompense to request the grace of Lord Ganesha in the form of Lambodara.

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5. Mahodar

At the point when Lord Kartikeya had slaughtered Tarkasur, who was the ruler of asuras, Shukracharya made Mohasur decimate Devalok and execute all the Gods. To save Devlok and to do away with Mohasur, all the Gods together worshiped Lord Ganesha, and hence He incarnated as Mahodar.

6. Vikat

Vikat avatar of Lord Ganesha was liable for vanquishing the Kamasur monster.

8 Avatars Of Lord Ganesha To Destroy The Evil
To save Devlok and to do away with Mohasur, all the Gods together worshiped Lord Ganesha, and hence He incarnated as Mahodar. Unsplash

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7. Vighnaraj

This avatar of Lord Ganesha vanquished Mam, a devil who was conceived from Parvat (the mountains).

8. Dhumravarna

Lord Ganesha’s main goal this time was to vanquish the Ahamkarasur, the devil of self-infatuation. “Aham” signifies the human ego, which further grasps the human brain with cruelty and deception.



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