Know the Story of this Homemaker Turned Soapmaker

Bhavna Parmar, a homemaker and her engineer husband Tarun Parmar have been productively spending their time amid the lockdown by making herbal soaps at their home

By Kanan Parmar

Bhavna Parmar, a homemaker in Noida has been making natural homemade soaps for personal and commercial use since the past two years. She had to discontinue this activity for 6 months due to shifting her home.

With the lockdown in force, Bhavna has restarted this activity along with her engineer husband Tarun Parmar. Both of them plan to distribute these soaps among the poor people in their localty as washing hands with soap is a must in the fight against coronavirus.

“I love to make DIY beauty products and I make things like oils, soaps, shampoos, face wash, etc for personal as well as business purposes. This time my aim is to distibute handmade soaps to the needy in my area so that they start following basic hygiene rules. All the ingredients used by me are pure and natural,” says Bhavna Parmar.

She has been making a variety of soaps such as oats and milk, neem, aloe vera, chocolate, papaya, etc.

Tarun Parmar manages the packaging and the raw material inventory. Before the lockdown, he used to be busy with his day job and had no time for soap making. But he now admits that he finds the time to help his wife in this activity and he also enjoys doing it.

homemade soaps
A photo of Aloe Vera soap made by Bhavna.

He says, “Usually work from home gets very stressful and to cope up with the stress I help my wife pack the soaps and distribute them.”

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Bhavna makes sure that her soaps follow the sanitization protocol and are extremely hygienic. She is happy that she is being able to contribute to the society gainfully at a time when washing hands with soap has become of prime importance.


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