Students Comment On PM Modi’s Video: ‘Postpone NEET And JEE’

Various politicians and students urge PM Modi to postpone NEET and JEE exams

Students request PM Modi to postpone NEET and JEE
A number of students have taken to the comment section of Narendra Modi’s trending video “Precious moments: PM Modi feeding peacocks at his residence” to express their opposition to the Centre’s decision to conduct the NEET and JEE entrance examinations in September. Wikimedia Commons

By Ayushi Sharma

The comment section of the viral video uploaded by PM Narendra Modi is being flooded with various comments by the students. The students urge PM Modi to postpone the exams of JEE and NEET. According to the Centre’s decision, the exams are supposed to take place in the month of September.

Various politicians, academicians along international climate activist Greta Thunberg, urged the Indian government on postponing the exams saying that it’ll be “deeply unfair” for the students to appear during such a global pandemic.

Earlier this month, the Supreme Court dismissed a petition. The petition was seeking the postponement of NEET and the JEE amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. It said that a “precious” academic year of students “cannot be wasted”. Thereafter, the Centre declared that the JEE exam will take place from September 1 to 6, and NEET on September 13.

Around 9.53 lakh candidates have registered for JEE and 15.97 lakh for NEET, there is a sense of uneasiness among them about appearing for the exams amidst COVID-19.

9.53 lakh candidates have registered for JEE-Mains and 15.97 lakh students for NEET. Unsplash

In order to capture the prime minister’s attention to this matter, a number of students appeared in the comment section of the video – in which he is seen feeding various peacocks, along with taking a walk in a lawn in close proximity of dancing peacocks – to pay heed to their demand.

Various people, like Seema Bansal, wrote “postponement”, others like Raziullah Ansari demanded that both the exams be postponed, “Please postpone jee and neet sir”.

A few other users explained their reasons. Ridhi Tiwari provided detailed reasoning. “I’m a JEE aspirant and have been preparing for it for the last 2 years. I trust my preparation but I’m not sure about examinations. I’m very scared about it as I love my family,” she said.

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She mentioned that her father who was diabetic and grandmother who is 75 years old. “How can we conclude that out of 25 lakhs students no one has brought COVID 19 with him or her. It’s absolutely practical that at least a few hundreds must have already been infected. And what if they would transfer it to other students,” she mentioned.

Saying that the examination “holds a very important place” in her life, she added that “nothing is more important than my family. I can’t risk their life…”.