Should Students Consider Joining Swagbucks to Make Extra Money?

Swagbucks offers a quick and easy alternative to making money, and you can do it all from the comfort of home.

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We all know difficult it can be to save money as a student- there’s so much else going on! Whether you’re struggling with a student loan, are busting a gut to pay rent or are spending too much money on food (or alcohol) it’s always challenging to keep your bank balance in the green. What with balancing your studies and social life, fitting in a part-time job can be challenging- and that’s where Swagbucks comes into the equation. It offers a quick and easy alternative to making money, and you can do it all from the comfort of home. However, a lot of students have come to distrust these kinds of sites, especially after hearing about their friends being scammed on unreliable ones. We believe Swagbucks to be different, however, and that’s why we’re here to talk to you about whether students should consider joining Swagbucks to make extra money. 

So first of all, what actually is Swagbucks? More or less, it’s a website that allows you to generate PayPal cash and gift cards for different stores by performing a variety of simple tasks. Companies will present Swagbucks with a product they want feedback on, and Swagbucks will put this on their site. You, the user, will then perform whatever feedback-generating task it is and you’ll get paid by Swagbucks for it. The feedback is then sent to the original company and Swagbucks are paid for providing it- it’s a nice smooth system. 

So why would a student want to use it? First of all, it offers a decent alternative to getting a part-time job. Granted you’ll probably make more money with a proper job and will get lots of hours, but sometimes you simply don’t have time with all the studying you have going on. Swagbucks will allow you to generate some cash and coupons all from the comfort of your flat, and it’s really easy to do it as well. The tasks are simple and it’s a great chance to get some coupons to add to your wardrobe- we all know how important it is to look good while you study.

Swagbucks offers a quick and easy alternative to making money, and you can do it all from the comfort of home. Pixabay

The tasks are easy to complete and won’t take long either, leaving you plenty of time to study. They tend to come in the form of online surveys or watching videos, so it won’t take too much effort on your behalf anyway.

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But is it a reliable site to use? Is Swagbucks legit? We believe it is, and there are a variety of reasons to believe this. They are endorsed by and linked to a number of very reputable companies, which isn’t possible for dodgy sites. Companies they are linked to include Starbucks, Amazon, and Walmart- and these are all companies you can earn gift cards for. 

Of course, as a student you may not want gift cards- you just want cash. And that’s another feature Swagbucks offer, with cash-back via PayPal available after completing different tasks. This will allow you to buy important things for your studies and student lifestyle, which are the most important things for you at the moment!


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