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Sunny Leone is darling of Bollywood and has some of the best party songs to get you into the groove. wikimedia commons

-by Salil Gewali

After Jackpot’s blast Bollywood has unabashedly knocked out Ragini MMS, Ek Paheli Leela .., Kuch Kuch Locha Hai, Noor, Garuda Vega …….. and a lot of others with a bang! Lots of news — titillating and riveting to prod the “bodily desire”. Thanks to Sunny Leone’s past profession, the film-makers are pointedly cashing in on it, as obviously understood. Hardly any newspapers and magazines hold back to add “epithets” to this vivacious lady as “ adult-star ” or “porn-star” to make the readers/audiences more inquisitive. For about past five years we all have been unfailingly updated about this lady’s titbits.

Sunny Leone. wikimedia commons

Do we want our children to know about pornography? Given the manners and styles this lady is being presented by the electronic media – are we not uncomfortably confused that our children now might see this woman also as their “role model”? Won’t they become tempted to emulate a porn-star who receives so much of appreciation and warm welcome with even privileges to grace the key public events? What could be the height of bizarreness that this lady is ever mobbed by a swarm of media crews who with enthusiasm rush out titillating stories for the next morning? To them she is a Goddess from the heaven descended down to bless us all. What messages does it send out to our children, can anyone guess dispassionately?

Well, make a sneaky peek into Sunny’s facebook– it unfolds a whole lot of unspeakable things. Just find out how many million fans’ likes she has earned from INDIA alone, and analyze their opinions, perception plus our naughty silence in respect to her raunchy flicks – of both Bollywood and the other-world. That other-world is not far — just Mr. Google will take you in less than one second. The flood of kinky sexual acts of Sunny Leone greets you!!!

Yes, the number of the fans of “Sunny Leone” began to shoot astronomically when she was invited to jazz up “Bigg Boss” about 5 years ago. No denying, the majority of masses in INDIA were not aware of what exactly porn-world is all about until her ground-breaking entry into the country. Till just a year or two ago the policemen would swing into action to pounce upon any suspects with obscene literature or digital CDs. But now the lustful roar is coming out from Bollywood itself for the mass consumption.

Sunny Leone arrives in Mumbai for Bigg Boss season 5. wikimedia commons

Bollywood in collusion with media is hatching the schemes to push the pornography into the threshold of our “sacred households”. It’s not that there is the absence of a voice of protest. But the media never give any coverage, no matter how vehemently the public disapprove of.

Well, a sudden ban on Pornography by the Indian Government about 2 years back threw up less known facts. It showed that the major chunk of the masses is already into the pit of pornography. Sunny Leone has been very successful to steer the Indian populace into that “gutter-world”. Now people “beat their chest” for porn. If facebook comments or other write-ups published in media are to be believed then there are lots of intellectuals who have felt too stiffed when the porn was banned about 2 years back by the government. Some blasted the BJP government saying that it is taking India to the “Stone Age”. Even a swarm of women journalists churned out articles after articles branding the government as ?”Taliban” or“Archaic creature”. ?

It is very obvious that millions have been already been pulled down into the whirlpool of this raunchy underworld. And some might have sorely been afflicted by its addiction syndrome — the most damning malady ailing a major chunk of the western population. It’s long been acknowledged, though greatly suppressed, this blue voyeurism has drastically shattered the millions of the households, their marital relationships, contaminating their sacred thoughts and ruining their personal values, as often been revealed in hundreds of journals published across the world, but not much in India, after the exhaustive surveys. Another question, how long will the masses lust after all this immodest sensuality and the filth of pornography? Has not the strength of sex-juice, as nature given for some reasons, gone bland with the time by losing all its intrinsic charm, grace, and purity?

‘A true strength of sex and its purity and purposes have drastically gone down these days. The marital bond is dismally slack. An easy access to pornography and open display of nudity and cheap representation of the sexuality, ‘immodest fashion statements” from house-to-the street are, the contributing factors’, quips Dr Naresh Patel, a psychologist, and writer from Mumbai.

Again one academician from Delhi opines ‘I strongly believe that many unsuccessful models or film-stars in INDIA have already been tempted to follow in the footstep of Sunny Leone. Very soon they will boldly claim that they are porn-stars vying for Bollywood opportunity as Sunny Leone. And, some young girls will now have less qualm to join this bandwagon of pornography – the sacred sex will be taken very casually and which will degrade the society very fast.’

My honest questions — are we not becoming unclear of what is right and what is wrong for the society, what is good and what is bad for the households, and what is virtuous and what is sinful for our inner selves? Further, are we truly serious to ponder over the ominous repercussion of such pornographic thoughts that are fast taking space in the mindset of our grown-up children, let alone the matured adult? Will not the perverse thoughts make way for perverse indulgences that will take its toll on their studies and later in their marital lives adversely affecting family values? Is it not an ominous threat to the profound spiritual culture of INDIA? Why there is no protest by any women organizations against this pernicious pornography where females are inhumanely objectified, humiliated and tortured.

Have we not become a bit dithery to say “no” to this windfall of wanton exhibitionism and sensuality? Should the blatant and ubiquitous female objectification in the entertainment world not raise our eyebrows and awaken our inner sensibility anymore? Have we not witnessed enough instances of cold-blooded rapes, sexual violence against women, adultery, promiscuity, and a host of other perverse sexual activities in the society? A prostitute may harm a few individuals while the pornography can destroy the soul of a whole generation and the next.
Here our ?”silence” against the breeding of vices is akin to the acceptance.? I guess, now it is not just mute acceptance but open demand and appreciation and celebration.

This could well mean that our inner strength of morality has become weak and feeble that it fails now to prompt us to stand upright against the evil.

Salil Gewali is a well-known writer and author of ‘Great minds on India’. Twitter @SGewali.



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Astronomers have, so far, found all other known exoplanets and exoplanet candidates in the Milky Way galaxy, almost all of them less than about 3,000 light-years from Earth.

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Based on this and other information, the team estimates the exoplanet candidate in M51-ULS-1 would be roughly the size of Saturn and orbit the neutron star or black hole at about twice the distance of Saturn from the Sun.

The team looked for X-ray transits in three galaxies beyond the Milky Way galaxy, using both Chandra and the European Space Agency's XMM-Newton. Their search covered 55 systems in M51, 64 systems in Messier 101 (the "Pinwheel" galaxy), and 119 systems in Messier 104 (the "Sombrero" galaxy).

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Named in honor of the late Indian-American Nobel laureate, Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, the Chandra X-ray Observatory is the world's most powerful X-ray telescope. It has eight times greater resolution and is able to detect sources more than 20-times fainter than any previous X-ray telescope.

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