Sunny Leone’s Show MTV Splitsvilla 10 Winners Revealed

Splitsvilla 10 Winners revealed
Sunny Leone In Splitsvilla 10 . (Image: Instagram)
  • Splitsvilla 10 Winners revealed
  • Priyank and Divya and are not the Splitsvilla 10 Winners

One of the most popular reality shows on Television Splitsvilla 10 which is hosted by Sunny Leone and Ranvijay Singh will soon be airing their finale episode on the channel in which Splitsvilla 10 Winners will be given the title. The show is a dating platform where all the contestants perform kinky tasks and make love connections to win the title. In this season of the show, contestants have to find their ideal match and go ahead in the show.

Priyank Sharma and Divya Agarwal which is the most popular couple outside the show will be beaten by another popular Splitsvilla couple.

Splitvilla 10 Winners
Priyank Sharma and Divya Agarwal in Splitsvilla 10. Instagram

Earlier there were reports of Priyank and Divya winning the title but as the sources state that Naina and Baseer Ali will be the ultimate Spltsvilla10 winners. Although Naina and Baseer were not declared as the ideal couple by the oracle in the show, they always stood by each other and will soon be declared as the Splitsvilla 10 Winners.

Splitsvilla 10 Winners
Splitvilla 10 Winners Naina Singh and Baseer Ali. Instagram


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