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Supreme Court unhappy with Maha Govt for not reopening dance bars

New Delhi: Supreme Court was miffed with Maharashtra Government that even after its order on 15th October, the government has not allowed almost 800 dance bars to reopen.

Harish Salve representing the Maharashtra Government said that the bars drew a lot of youth drinking heavily and watching dance and it was completely unacceptable to us.

He also said that it could lead to increase in crime and youth getting misdirected, wasting the money.

Justice Dipak Mishra, however, said that everyone is free to carry out any profession they want as long as it is performed within acceptable parameters.

While, Maharashtra Government has a justified reason to worry about the bar’s impacts on society and youth, but they can’t moral police anyone and neither, they can afford to have more opposition on the ban after the beef controversy.

The dance bars have been a matter of debates in Maharashtra despite different governments. Restaurant owners have been against this order and they took the government to the court.

Mumbai being the hub of the Bollywood has had the cinema like bars where dancers copy the silver screen moves.

It has been perceived as a wrong influence on youth and a threat to Indian culture. While, a number of people get wrong influence and addictions because of it, but it can’t be denied that it depends on a person and his will.

Many women who have this as a profession, have no other option and simply closing all the dance bars will mean hurting their source of income which might lead to worse case scenarios.

The Government, if they want these dance bars to be closed at all conditions then they will have to find a solution and a way of life for all the people involved first. By making this move, it becomes government’s responsibility to provide an alternative for them.

In  India, usually it is understood that best way to solve a problem is making its root disappear. Example- when Uber rape case happened, a lot of people asked for a complete ban on all cabs. Surely there is a better way to counter this and closing all the dance bars won’t mean that youth of Maharashtra will have no other options for wrong influence.



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