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Survey Reveals What People Missed Most About Offices

The list of what people missed most about their workspace while hustling from home

With work-from-home taking over most of our lives in 2020, do people miss going to their workplaces?

A WeWork year-end survey reveals that office parties, tea breaks, street food treats, meetings, and even their office chairs, top the list of what people missed most about their workspace while hustling from home.

The survey was carried out on respondents across levels and industries including IT, Internet, Hospitality, Human Resource, and three major metros — Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi. The survey was taken by 3,000 plus participants.

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Here are some of the key insights gathered from the survey that reveal what people missed most about offices and expected trends of how workplaces in 2021 will look like:

“Keep calm and drink beer”

When asked, “What is the one thing that everyone misses most about the office but won’t say out loud”, a majority of the respondents agreed that they miss office parties – for the free beer. Among the top responses, about 33 percent (LinkedIn) of the respondents also said that a break from family drama is sorely missed, and around 23 percent (Twitter), missed that one glimpse of their office crush when away.

“I want my chair back!”

Working from home has led us to work from beds, sofas, bean bags, or even floors. A majority of the respondents in the survey revealed that they want to go back to work because they want their office chairs back. Also, the satisfaction of uninstalling Zoom and prepping for a one-on-one meeting is what respondents look forward to the most upon their return.

“Back to work, back to life”

Everyone wants to get back to basic as soon as possible. Pixabay

About 60 percent of the respondents rated the ‘lack of company and reduced personal connect with colleagues’, distractions during work — like children, visitors, housework and ‘monotony of being in the same environment’ as the top reasons to go back to work.

“Stuck in traffic, no more an excuse”

About 76 percent of the post-pandemic world don’t wish to travel more than 5 km to get to work. Workspaces near homes and flexible workplaces are the need of the hour.

“Safety and Hygiene is non-negotiable”

Almost two-thirds of the respondents said that strict social distancing norms had a very high likelihood to increase their willingness to go back to the office. An extra cautious and apparent behavior toward safety and hygiene is what every respondent in the post-pandemic world will be indulging in.

“Office lunchtime is bae”

Office lunchtime is missed the most. Pixabay

When asked about the importance of lunch breaks, 33 percent responded that a typical lunch while working is with colleagues and a side of office gossip. However, if that’s what one doesn’t choose to indulge in, street food treats during and post work come to the rescue as well.

“Miss you every day, chaiwala bhaiya”

More than 40 percent agree that the one thing they missed about the office but would rather not say it out loud is that they missed their tapri wali chai (local tea stall).

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“The year 2020 was a massive change not just for the business but for the entire human race globally. It changed how we worked and lived, blurring lines, and sense of time. As 2020 was drawing to a close, we decided to lighten up the mood a little and hence we planned this year-end survey to find out in all honesty if and what people miss about their offices. And the survey did reveal some really fascinating and quirky insights.

Respondents opened their hearts and their responses have also helped us identify their exact needs from workplaces in 2021. We observed enthusiasm to go back to work in a safe and healthy environment,” Vineet Singh, Head of Brand and Marketing at WeWork India signed off. (IANS)



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